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  • June 2, 2011
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    And is there a way to exchange the animation from "The Big Bang Theory" with anything else like a still photo/pic?
    (I hate TBBT)
    I did it! (but don't tell @catavolt :ROFLMAO:)

    Easiest way is to replace the TBBT animated gif with one you like. It's the <tv.gif> you find it here: C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\PureVisionHD 1080\Media\Animations\BasicHome .

    Of course you could also edit the relevant xml-files, but as i sayed... this is the easiest way. Don't forget to backup the Original tv.gif.
    I replaced it with this on (Austrian News - Zeit im Bild)
    For sure you will find some nice gifs - I tried serch term "animated gif ZiB" maybe you try "animated gif tagesschau" ;)
    TV-ZiB.gif or TV-ZiB._Armin.gif

    it fits perfect:

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