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    Good news... I have it working now, when using the UNC-Path.
    When using the drive-letter of a mapped network-drive, it does not work.
    You need to map the drive using the user that starts TVservice, otherwise it won't be available ;)



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    better you configure the path ONLY by unc convention: \\ServerName\Share\Folder

    of couse the TvService that runs by default as "LocalSystem" User account has absolutely no knowledge about interactive User's mapped shares.

    the bug was introduced by the "check free disk space" patch by framug, the check didn't work for shares (UNC paths).
    introduced in 1.1 alpha, it has been resolved in later svn builds


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    August 4, 2009
    Software Revision?

    Good news... I have it working now, when using the UNC-Path.
    When using the drive-letter of a mapped network-drive, it does not work.

    Hi ulischultz,

    Good result : )

    One question... What software revision? 1.0.2? A SVN Build?



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    November 13, 2009
    Well, i can write timeshift files to a network drive (using \\ path), but dont know what happens, i cant really use that timeshift files (very bad recorded, alsmost nothing to play). when using the local disk it works. the network is a gigabit net, the network server without load, samba and can serve 40mb/s r/w for the selected network drive for timeshift.

    maybe a samba setting that can do something? what else could cause it?


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    December 27, 2008
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    I can't use the UNC path ( \\shareName\TVRecordings ) because I'm not allowed to type in the box under "Recording" "folders" in the MP TV Config... any ideas?

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