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February 21, 2010
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I have been using MediaPortal with a DVB-C card for years without any problems. Some weeks ago, I bought a new DVB-T2 USB stick and updated to the newest version of MediaPortal 1 to have support for the new H.265 video format used by DVB-T2. I have combined all of the HD channels that can be received by DVB-T2 with those of mv DVB-C card, for example Das Erste HD and 3sat HD.

Now I have the problem that the recordings of some channels are not visible in the recordings list of my MediaPortal client. For example, if I start recording a movie on Das Erste HD, the entry is visible in the recordings list directly after the recording started. If I try the same thing with a movie on 3sat HD, the recording itself starts, but no entry is visible in the recordings list. I don't know why this is happening because the channel 3sat HD itself is visible in the channels list and in the EPG, too. An XML file and a TS file are created in the filesystem as well as a new row in the "recording" database table.

In the database, the channel ID of the combined Das Erste HD is 1877 and the ID of 3sat HD is 1865. If I set the value of idChannel of a recording from 1877 to 1865, it disappears from the recordings list after a restart of MediaPortal. The same thing works the other way around: If I set idChannel to 1865, a formerly invisible recordings is shown in the recordings list.

In total, the recordings of four channels are missing in the recordings list (ZDF HD, 3sat HD, ZDFinfo HD, zdf_neo HD).


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February 21, 2010
Germany Germany
I wasn't able to find the source of the problem but I was able to fix it. In the "Channels" settings of the MP Server Configuration, I deleted the DVB-C and DVB-T source in the "Edit Channel" dialog and after that, I deleted the channel itself. Then I scanned the DVB-C and DVB-T card to find the deleted channels again and matched it in the "TV combinations" settings. At the end, I updated the MySQL recording table:
UPDATE `recording` SET `idChannel` = 104 WHERE `idChannel` = 100;

Now the recordings of these four channels are shown in the "recordings" list in the MP client. :)

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