1. S

    Recordings of some channels not visible in recordings list

    I have been using MediaPortal with a DVB-C card for years without any problems. Some weeks ago, I bought a new DVB-T2 USB stick and updated to the newest version of MediaPortal 1 to have support for the new H.265 video format used by DVB-T2. I have combined all of the HD channels that can be...
  2. coolblue

    TV channel list jump to pos1

    Hi, seems that I have found a bug in MediaPortal 2.1.3 in Slim TV Client. If there is a multipage TV channel list and I switch to a channel on page 2 (for example pos 17), the client switches to this channel, but then when I press ok on the remote or enter on kb the channel list opens but the...
  3. fischy667

    Update TV/Radio station names

    Sometimes TV and Radio stations are changing their name. The new name of the stations are in the tuningdetails, but Mediaportal gives no information about it. Suggestions: 1. After a channel scan there should also be an information about channels with new names. 2. Maybe a tab where all...
  4. D

    Direct channel tuning

    Hey folks, I'm new to the world of MediaPortal, so go easy on me! I have tried looking for the info I need, but have come up empty. Basically, my question is HOW can I tune a channel directly, or jump to a channel in the guide? Basically, when I am in the guide, I type in 400...but it shows...

    Schedule dvb-s2 channel scan

    Hi all, I have noticed that over time the quality of the DVB-S2 signal decreases and I have to rescan and updates for the channels in order to be able to watch tv properly again. I was wondering if there is some way to trigger the channel scan via a dos command of some sort to be able to...
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