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Discussion in 'General' started by rcauvin, February 20, 2018.

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    This I never encountered. And as the server only is doing the timeshifting (the client "asks" the server to start/stop timeshifting, that's all a client is involved into timeshifting) it can not be relevant if the client is on the same machine as the server or not. The timeshift video (timeshift is a normal video that is created temporary, so it's nothing special about) is delivered from the server to the client exactly the same way as any other video. It's technically impossible that a location can be used with one MP2 client but not with another as all access is done by exactly the same service with exactly the same rights running under exactly the same user on exactly the same system...
    The TV engine is "copying" the transport stream from the DVB tuner to the timeshift folder. This .ts video then is delivered by the MP2 server to the client requesting the playback... The timeshift folder only is involved between TV engine and MP2 server, nowhere else. Indeed this happens inside the server as the TV engine is running as a module (a plugin) inside the MP2 server process not as a stand alone process... And this always is the same, no matter if the client is "singleseat" or "multiseat".

    All that above is for MP2 only as in MP1 the TV engine is a stand alone service. So there it definitely is possible that the timeshift folder has influence as the MP1 client directly is accessing the TV engine. Here it can matter if it is "singleseat" or "multiseat"... But this is not the case in MP2.
    By the way, if you use Kodi together with MP2 (like me) then the TV Engine is accessed directly by the TVServerKodi plugin (that, as a TV Engine plugin, also is running inside the MP2 server). In this case the timeshift and recordings folder definitely has influence as Kodi needs windows shares for both folders to work properly... Kodi is playing the videos (no matter if timeshift or recording) directly in the client so if a folder isn't or can't be shared properly, TV isn't working in Kodi at all.That's why the TVServerKodi plugin is creating those shares itself. This is definitely not how TV is working in MP2 but it's similar to the RTSP access by VLC...

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