1. E

    TVserver RTSP

    How id possible to set a default rtsp streming. so when the TVserver restart the RTSP is already configured. Now eery time you restart the TVserver RTSP must be set manually
  2. C

    streaming out UDP instead of RTSP

    Hi, I am new to networking and stuff but I want to change the outgoing stream that tv-server outputs from RTSP to UDP, is there anyone who can point me in the right direction to start doing this? It doesn't matter if timeshift is involved as long as the outgoing stream is in the UDP://12345 sort...
  3. AberDino

    4k TV Stutter with RTSP

    I recently bought myself a new amplifier (Denon AVR-X3500H) and decided to also upgrade to a 4K capable video card for my HTPC (ASUS GeForce GT 1030 2GB GDDR5). This card is connected to my amp via HDMI, and onward to my UHD TV. I have a separate TV server. I tuned in the Astra UHD Demo and SES...
  4. rcauvin

    RTSP Streaming Not Working

    I am unable to get RTSP streaming working. I have version 2.1.3 of MediaPortal 2, both server and client, installed on a single Windows 10 machine. I successfully launch the client, watch live TV, and record. Here is what I have tried for streaming: Open the client and watch live TV. On...
  5. rcauvin

    Use VLC to Watch MP 2.1 Live TV?

    How can I use VLC on a client device (such as another computer on my network) to play live TV from my MP 2.1 server? For example, I have VLC Media Player installed on my Windows laptop. A full installation of MP 2.1 (server and client) is on another Windows machine on the same LAN. As far as I...
  6. M

    [Help Us!] RTSP streaming library update

    Hello everybody Introduction Over the past couple of months we've been working hard to update the RTSP streaming library (LIVE555) used by various MediaPortal and TV Server components: TsReader - MPEG 2 TS (transport stream) demultiplexer, used by MediaPortal to enable viewing and...
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