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April 6, 2006
Hmmm, might be my ISP (iinet). I've noticed they don't play nicely with other Australian ISP's, I can't download from Optus file mirrors so maybe people telecom too. So I'll just have to try from work. Thanks for the quick reponse.
PS (yeap remoting into work the download works fine)


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  • January 30, 2005
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    Just popped in to say.. Really good work. Its fast and installation was a breeze.. just great!


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  • February 16, 2005
    Hi, I was getting an issue when I logged in to the web page that there was no connection to the MP database.
    This happened after I upgraded to a newer TV server and the database was re-created.

    It turned out that the MPWeb user was still set up in the SQL database, but the second part of the setup (from the instructions) where you have to set the mapping had been removed. I reapplied that as per the (excellent) instructions and all came good.

    Hope this helps anyone else.

    PS, the new guide layout is great, thanks :)


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    June 8, 2007
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    New Version

    German Translation Strings Included! - :D :D Thanks to level20Open:D :D

    New Features:
    • Auto-Login IP - On the Users page of the Manager program. This allows you to assign a specific IP address to a user ID. When the Web Server detects the peer IP address as being the same as the Auto-Login IP of a particular user, it logs the Web Interface in automatically to that user (you do not see the Login screen). If you want to log in as a different user, just click the logoff button and you will get the login screen again. You can bypass this feature by navigating explicitly to the login or newlogin page - for example type in http://localhost:8080/login. If Auto-Login IP does not work, check that your initial link/favorite etc is not going to the /login or /newlogin pages.
    • Time Formats - level20Open suggested that the Time Formats were not intuitive and were unnecessarily complex. And I agree with him, so I have changed the way time formats are configured on the Appearance page of the management program.
    • Added a separate login.htm template for PDAs as the longer translated strings tended to mess up the main login screen if the width was restricted for a PDA.
    • Fixed the problem of blank screen when going back to the web interface after a successful login and then navigating to a different site.

    Documentation has been updated for new features.


    :sorry: Apologies to my translators!:sorry:
    There are an additional 10 strings to translate for the new features. If you could post the translated lines, I would appreciate it. (These will appear in English at the bottom of the Translation screen)

    Note on translation files.
    If you have installed an older version of the web interface that does not have the correct translation strings for your language, make sure that you select the option to "Re-Load" the translation files when installing.

    If you have already installed the correct language file, you should not select this option - particularly if you have customised the translations.

    During installation, any ADDITIONAL strings will automatically be added to your translation file if you do not select the Re-Load option.

    Ok as a return. While i still haven't seen anything of the interface yet, i came up with the following idea for the horizontal guide view. Check this link;

    What do you think?
    Looks Promising... I will have a play with it.



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    August 12, 2007
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    I'm on iiNet too, but didn't have any problem downloading it.

    Love the new layout.


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    June 8, 2007
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    New Version Again!

    Sorry All,

    My mistake in Version

    It is a little difficult to launch the PDA or the normal login screen if you don't know who is logging in until they log in.:oops:

    Fixed in this version - option for default login screen under Appearance in Manager.

    If you use a PDA, then select the PDA option for the narrow-width login screen


    (PS 1 more string to translate!)

    New Version

    So fast it Auto-merged! If only I could get it right the first time...

    Just one more thing...

    If you select a different channel group, it now stays changed when you change days etc.

    Please ReLoad the translation file if you are using Finnish, as a number of the strings have changed!

    :D jerma!:D


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