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October 6, 2021
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I've been using version for years and have found no need to upgrade to newer version. I hate it that skins loose compatibility with almost every new version. And new skins are too 'fancy' for my taste. I use a customized version of the default wide skin with only Videos and TV in the main menu.

I use mediaportal for recording tv programs and watching video files and recorded tv. So no music, etc. I watch tv in the living room but my PC is in another room. Up till a month ago I used an X10 remote control, but have never been fully satisfied with it. Mainly because it was too large and not responsive enough.

I was looking for a small 2.4 ghz RF remote with a limited number of buttons. I bought an "G10 Voice Remote" to try out. I have been optimizing mediaportal the last weeks to work with this remote. I suppose other 2.4 ghz RF remotes should also work.

Why I like this particular remote?
It has a limited number of buttons, but sufficient for my needs.

the buttons are
up, down, left, right
center button (=enter/select/ok)
volume up, volume down
back (esc)
menu (long press light button)
home (long press back button)


install sharpkeys
map the 'menu key' (long press light key) to web favorites key
map the 'enter key' to Media stop

Mapping to other keys might work but this worked for me. Reason for keys like favourites and media stop is these keys are supported in general HID device.

MEDIAPORTAL CONFIGURATION (see attachments keymap.xml and general HID.xml):
actions in keymap.xml are used for buttons: up,down,left,right,pgup,pgdn,volup,voldown,mute,del
actions in generic HID.xml are used for buttons: enter (remapped to media stop), menu (remapped to web favorites), back, home.

the entries in generic HID make sure the ok button, menu button, back button, home button act as follows:
Back button (BrowserBackward):
-if OSD is visible, hide it
-else if media is playing, stop
-else (in all other cases), show previous menu
Menu button (BrowserFavorites):
-if OSD is visible, show context menu
-else if media is playing, show the OSD
-else (in all other cases), show context menu
Enter button (MediaStop):
-if OSD is visible, select focused item (strangely enough does not work when first item of OSD is active)
-else if media is playing, pause/unpause it
-else (in all other cases), select focused item
Home button:
-show context menu

this RF remote control can be toggled between mouse mode and 'keyboard' mode with a dedicated button
the power button on the remote can learn the IR code for powering on/off the TV. This way you can use 1 remote to power on/off the TV and remotely controlling the PC on which mediaportal runs

keymap.xml is a little messy, because I first tried to customize it without using generic HID.xml but this was not versatile enough (e.g. I didn't manage to get the enter/ok key working the way I wanted)

I have changed dialogYesNo.xml so that yes is focused by default (<defaultcontrol>11</defaultcontrol>). I have added an entry for yesnodialog in keymap.xml so that pressing the del button confirms the deletion. This way, I only have to press the del button twice to delete an item. Tricky part is this could trigger multiple unwanted deletes when the button is stuck but for some reason this does not happen.

NB: the generated keycode for the del button is 8. This corresponds with backspace (not with delete).

I hope this information is useful. Good luck


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