1. S

    Problem with Remote Control One-for-all Streamer

    Hi, I've been using Media Portal now for several years and never experienced any problems. It's a fantastic piece of software. At first I've been using a Trust RC-2400 Remote Control for Windows Media Center, later I tryied several programmable ones from Philips, Logitech, One-for-all, NoNames...
  2. brena

    MCE Remote Disable Volume Mapping

    Hi all - I upgraded an older MediaPortal 1 install to the 1.23 release. Am using a Microsoft remote (like pictured in the settings) and a Sonos soundbar. On the old MediaPortal version in the MCE remote settings I simply deleted the remote volume up/down mappings so these button presses were...
  3. MrGrymReaper

    Remote HID compatibility question

    Hi, I'm currently wondering whether the remote I received in my television tuner card's retail packaging is compatible with the HID profiles supplied in MediaPortal. I unfortunately can't access an independent source of IR.exe without downloading and installing Hauppauge WinTV software. So if...
  4. J

    Universal Xbox Remote New Black ONE

    I am trying to get this remote to work on the HID but it does seem to control media Portal, The IR lights up on the MCE IR receiver but no go. I have seen this post using Inteliremote http://www.redmondpie.com/using-xbox-360-ir-remote-with-vista-media-center/ Is there an easier way using...
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