Streamed MP 2.1.4 [11 Nov 2013] [Supports MP 1.4 and 1.5] (2 Viewers)


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    StreamedMP for MediaPortal v1.4/1.5 is now ready. This release is considered stable, please help test to ensure anything hasn't been broken since StreamedMP 1.9.x and is fully compatible with MediaPortal 1.4.x and 1.5.x.

    • MediaPortal 1.4 or 1.5.
    • 1080P Capable Monitor / TV.
    • MovingPictures plugin if BasicHome installed (not required in MP 1.5).

    StreamedMP depends on MovingPictures and it's libraries. Ensure this is selected during installation if you also select the BasicHome (menu) editor, if your locally installed version is newer it will not be overwritten. If you don't use the MovingPictures plugin, you can disable it from the MediaPortal plugin configuration dialog.

    This requirement should not be needed for MediaPortal 1.5 as it's been identified as an issue and resolved.

    Users can upgrade from any earlier version of StreamedMP by simply downloading the executable file and running it, the steps are no different that clean installs. All previous skin settings chosen will persist.

    Custom Skin Modifications
    It's highly recommended that skin modifications are now done using Themes instead of directly modifying the skins files. Themes can easily be shared with community members.

    StreamedMP is fully translatable, community members can help translate from Transifex. More information about how to do this can be found in the main translations thread here.

    Be sure to disable any Anti-virus programs before download begins and before installation. Alternatively create a rule to allow StreamedMP. There has been reports of Kapersky interfering with download/install.

    Change Logs

    • Added support for the new Trailers plugin (play local or stream online trailers) in MovingPictures, My Videos and My Films. Plugin must be installed separately from the MediaPortal Extension Installer.
    • Added PinIcon to Trakt UserProfile in Network GUI. Fixed the Username not being updated the first time entering someones user profile.
    • Support for fanart in Trakt Search People window.
    • Updated WorldWeather plugin library to v1.3.1.
    • Updated Trakt plugin library to v3.1.2.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.

    • Support for Search in Trakt v3.1.0.
    • Fixed a possible crash when retrieving Most Recently Added movies.
    • Fixed the overlay in RadioTime for 1080p support.
    • Fixed a navigation issue in Argus TV Home screen.
    • Fixed a navigation issue on the Trakt Dashboard that presented itself with MediaPortal 1.5.
    • Updated WorldWeather plugin library to v1.2.5.
    • Updated TVSeries plugin library to v3.5.1.
    • Updated Trakt plugin library to v3.1.0.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.
    • Added full support for Trakt v3.0.0 i.e. Network, UserProfile, Recently Added, Recent Shouts etc.
    • Added support for loading parameters in the Emulators plugin when designing the Basic Home screen, thanks Brownard.
    • Fixed weather images not displaying in WorldWeather when 'Flat' view was active.
    • Fixed the use of 'Current' and 'Today' labels in World Weather and in BasicHome 5-Day weather.
    • Fixed ShowTimes window to support change of skin dimensions to 1920x1080.
    • Fixed a 1-pixel gap seen at the bottom of the My TV Zap OSD.
    • Updated the skin id used for the Emulators plugin in the BasicHome editor, thanks Brownard.
    • Updated Latest Media Handler plugin library to v1.6.2.
    • Updated Fanart Handler plugin library to v3.1.0.
    • Updated Trakt plugin library to v3.0.0.
    • Updated My Lyrics plugin library to v1.8.2.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.
    • Updated My Pictures Property Dialog.
    • Added support for MPSteam plugin.
    • Added selected TV Channel Logo in TVGuide if TV is not playing.
    • Added some more TV Logos for Australia.
    • Removed animations from common time controls.
    • Fixed BasicHome Vertical blade 1px gap at bottom.
    • Fixed issues with some of the Full Details Most Recent overlays on Horizontal Menu.
    • Fixed OnDown navigation in My Videos Hidden Menu.
    • Fixed TVGuide Genre label.
    • Fixed sliding animations on Horizontal Menu.
    • Fixed and updated use of fonts on 5-Day weather below Horizontal menu.
    • Changed WindowClose animation for 5-Day weather below Horizontal menu to a Sliding animation (in-align with menu).
    • Updated Skin support for MediaPortal 1.4 Release.
    • Updated Skin design dimensions to 1080P from 720P.
    • Updated support for MediaSlayer plugin v1.7.2.
    • Updated translations from Transifex.
    • Added support for special characters in BasicHome menu items and Loading Parameters e.g. Ampersand '&'.
    • Added check in Installer if MovingPictures is unchecked (only if BasicHome Editor is checked).
    • Fixed Argus TV Home navigation in Button menu.
    • Updated WorldWeather plugin library to v1.2.4.
    • Updated My Lyrics plugin library to v1.7.1.
    • Added full support for MediaPortal 1.4 Pre-Release.
    • Fixed My Videos playlist view not working since v1.9.1.
    • Updated look for Album Info window.
    • Updated look for Artist Info window.
    • Updated Settings->GUI->General, removed 'Autosize window mode to skin dimensions' and added new setting 'Reduce frame rate when not being in focus'.
    • Updated Settings->General->Startup, added new setting 'Minimize to tray on focus loss'.
    • Updated Settings->General->Resume, removed deprecated settings. Added 'Stop playback on removal of an audio renderer'.
    • Updated Settings->Videos, added 'Auto Decoder', 'Force Source Splitter' and 'Video Codecs for .TS Files'. Thanks Sebastii.
    • Updated Settings->TV, added setting 'Prompt when Stopping Timeshift'.
    • Updated Settings->Bluray, added setting to 'Enable internal blu-ray player'.
    • Updated the Music Rate Dialog with hollow stars when rating is reduced.
    • Updated My Music and Playlist Hidden menu, changed id of Radio button so that it doesn't conflict with future change to Last.Fm.
    • Updated Video/Music playlist to get focus on facade instead of HiddenMenu Layout button.
    • Updated WebBrowser plugin library to v0.6.4.
    • Updated InfoService plugin library to v1.7.2.248.
    • Updated LatestMediaHandler plugin library to v1.6.1.0.
    • Removed 'My Lyrics' from plugin selection in installer, not yet ready for for MP 1.4 Pre-Release.
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    Yes, it is. And it would even be more better, if we could have the extensions integrated with MPEI ;-) Hope this one is not too far down in the "feature list" ;-)


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    New release available, v2.1.0.3340 which supports MediaPortal 1.4 Final.

    Special Note: the skin dimensions have been updated to 1920x1080 from 1280x720, I have done quite a lot of testing and tweaking to ensure that it looks exactly the same as it did when MediaPortal up-scaled to that resolution. If you find that something is not correctly aligned or is not in the correct position but was previously then please let me know by making a new forum thread with pictures.

    The main advantage of moving to this resolution is that we don't need to test both resolutions, normally we tried to make it fit better for 1920x1080 anyway. Another advantage will be that we can start improving the graphics over time. For now, it should look exactly the same to you but please let us know if it doesn't.

    If you're a plugin developer that includes skin files or theme designer for StreamedMP then you will need to ensure that these are updated to support new resolution.

    So the resolution change was the big change for v2.1, I will start looking at a shift to MPEI for v2.2.
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