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    If anyone has any modifications to StreamedMP, I encourage you to post them in this forum. Good modifications that improve on the default skin may be included as part of the release version.

    Modifications can range from new or tweaked layouts to new graphics, feel free to post anything that you feel will benefit other users.

    This also goes for Bug Fixes, if you find a bug and you have the knowledge to fix it upload the xmls here and we will review the fix and it can then be added to the SVN for the next release/patch.

    We have had a large amount of downloads and positive feedback which is encouraging, hopefully community input can continue to improve this skin.


    1. Create a new Post, always prefix thread title with either [MOD] or [BUGFIX] and give a descriptive name e.g.

    • [MOD] Music NowPlaying MOD with Visualisations
    • [BUGFIX] Fixed alignment of logos in TVOSD

    2. In the body of the Message use the following template:

    This gives a descriptive overview of the MOD or BUGFIX. If its a BUGFIX then you should list clear and reproducible steps on how to reproduce the problem.

    List the versions of StreamedMP that the MOD is compatible with or the version of StreamedMP that the bug was found in.

    List details on how to install patch plus give applicable warnings to user e.g.

    1. List Files in package that the user should backup, this should mirror whats in your patch. Give any advice on how to rollback the patch. If all else fails during rollback then user can Uninstall skin and the Re-install.
    2. Unzip in attachements to your working skin directory, by default this is:
    C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\skin\StreamedMP
    3. Delete the Skin Cache directory (Only nessarcary if you modify graphics), by default this is:
    C:\ProgramData\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\cache\StreamedMP
    4. Give a warning to users that applying this patch will mean that any future patch that gets published by StreamedMP team will not update any xmls in your patch. e.g.

    Lets say your patch contains the following xmls:

    and lets say that a patch gets submitted with the following files:

    During Patch installation if your MOD was installed by a user then only movingpictures.xml will of been updated with any enhancements or bug fixes. It does this to respect any user changes made to your files (in the above example tvseries.xml was not patched due to user changes).

    Also note special case if you modify BasicHome.xml then the Editor will no longer be able to generate a new user menu.

    It's your respsonsibility as a MODDER to keep your MOD up to date as plugin/skin support evolves.

    Use the Manage Attachments button for new posts to add screenshots of the MOD or BUG. You can press F11 to take screenshots. Clearly identify change in screenshots, even post original screenshots so users can compare differences.

    If its a MOD, then attach a ZIP file of all the xmls and graphics changed/added. This should respect directory structure so its simple to apply.

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