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December 2, 2008
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As an avid user of MediaPortal and StreamedMP I find that this combination is close to perfection for maxing the capabilities of an HTPC. Windows in general and Windows 7 in particular are not a very convenient OS for big screen TVs (even with high DPI selected) and the StreamedMP skin can almost be viewed as an OS replacement of a sort. 99% of the times, when I need to get out of MediaPortal to the actual OS, it's to activate some software, a browser or other. Recently I've come across the MyPrograms plugin: MEDIAPORTAL - MyPrograms
I have defined my windows "Start" menu as a folder in the MyPrograms settings and now I have a "Start" menu within MediaPortal and I can launch any application I want directly from MediaPortal. This brings MediaPortal a step closer to perfection. What I'd really like to see now is some improved GUI there - perhaps CoverFlow effect for the folders. That would really be the best, minimizing the need to get out of MediaPortal to a bare minimum.

For your consideration...


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