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  • November 12, 2007
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    Thanks for reporting this :)
    In fact, it take the first subtitle availaible but it should try to look if a sub match.


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  • November 12, 2007
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    I have added for testing : (will create a branch today based on 1.13 Pre release) (but like it's a feature, it will not be available for 1.13 final but i will be able to create a branch for final)
    The new option : 'Subtitles will be auto loaded by first available'

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    For people discovering - like me - that subtitles without locale (extra extension denoting the language) are not supported anymore as of Mediaportal 1.13, I would like to make a remark on the post of Sebastii.

    First of all, thank you for your explanation and pointing out that subtitles now need to have a mandatory language code.

    e.g. For Dutch: the subtitle "movie_name.srt" now becomes "movie_name.nl.srt"

    Btw. You can find all language codes here: http://www.science.co.il/Language/Locale-codes.asp

    However the new option : 'Subtitles will be auto loaded by first available' is not guaranteed to work as intended.
    In case of MKV, it will first look inside the mkv container and only if it does not find any subtitle in there, it will start to look for an external one.

    So in case you have an iTunes mkv with embedded subtitle in English, it will always show that subtitle first with above option.

    If the intention of that option is to show subtitles added to a movie (or series- or tv-episode) - and as such provide an option that mitigates the regression - then it should look for an external subtitle first.
    Could you generate log with watchdog (first option) ?
    From what i remember, MP load all subtitle in a list (internal and external) after that a match is done and if it didn't find a subtitle that match the setting, then MP will take the first one in the list and the first one is surely an internal one.

    Another option to try, is the new setting to use LAV Splitter setting (for 1.14 Pre-release / Final) instead of MP one.
    The LAV Splitter subtitle selection is surely much advanced than MP. :)


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    Hi @Sebastiii,

    I have added the language spec to the extension of all my subtitle files. So in my case all is good (y).

    Before I discovered this thread, I indeed played with the splitters to see whether I could change the behavior.
    I tried to change any Haali Media Splitter and LAV splitter setting to make MP take the external sub instead of the internal one (in the MKV container). But none of them made any effect.
    Just wanted to let you know.

    And thanks again for all the effort you put in this product. I know you are doing this already for a long time. The users, me included, can't thank you enough for that!

    Merci pour votre support et votre engagement!!!
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