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May 24, 2008
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ok, just noticed that the crash on the screenshot is not the same as the crash in the logfile. The crash in the logfile was caused by the Plugin calling the TV interface whereas the crash on the screenshot happened in MPDisplay. Not sure if these are related because there is no timestamp visible on the screenshot.

If you get the EPG in MPDisplay then the TV interface is working, meaning the calls from the MPD plugin work.

So overall it is very hard to figure out remotely what the problem is. Do you reboot your system regularly? I encountered similar problems only after installation of microsoft patches (patch day) before the system reboot happens.


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    Thanks for info.

    I generally reboot about once a week but I will keep an eye on that and reboot directly after the next crash to see if that helps.


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    I can see that when resuming MPdisplay will not always activte. The current setting is to leave MPDisplay active when MP closes and start it with MP (Not Restart). Putting teh HTPC to sleep will result in an active Process but not running MpDsiplay and it will not start when starting MP.



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    Strange, there is not a single 'PowerModeChanged' Event in any of the logfiles. These entries are created when Windows standby/sleep/EnergySaving is entered or resumed. Without these events the reconnect of MPD plugin and MPD++ GUI to the message service will not work properly. No idea why these events are missing. I have tested on my HTPC (also Windows 10 Pro, however, I normally do not use standby), the sleep/resume works as expected, and the logfiles show the PowerMode events as expected.

    Do you have any software installed that somehow consumes these events? You have a PowerSchedulerClient Plugin installed, can you disable and check again? After standby/resule check the most recent logs for entries containing [PowerModeChanged].

    You can switch log level to Info for this, will make logfiles more easy to rread.

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