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  • April 5, 2005
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    @gibman has been internally working pretty much on this placeshift feature for TVE3.5. The internat team discussion about this feature was/is pretty much going into depth, so no easy way for me to tell you what have been discussed in details there.

    Maybe @gibman can give a hand and a short summary of how the approach looks like for TVE3.5?


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  • October 4, 2006
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    hi ..

    long time since I've worked on that feature.
    I don't think a wiki was ever written.
    many hours went into this feature.

    as a user u park a channel on the tvclient.
    essentially, when u in fullscreen hit stop on your remote you will be presented with 3 options:
    park, stop, continue.

    parking a channel will park the channel for x number of minutes, defined in setupTV config section.
    which means, if I dont release the parking, then its released sooner or later. atleast when it times out.
    Once a channel is parked you can turn off your MP client htpc, especially if the tvservice is multiseat :)

    So how do I unpark ?
    turn on the bedroom htpc.
    You have several choices on how to do this.

    starting channel from the streams menu, it will give u a list of what channels are active, and if the status is PARKED.
    also if you click on a channel from tvguide og mini EPG you will be prompted to

    In the meantime if a second user is trying to tune some other channel but is unable to do so because of the parked timeshift session keeping a solid lock on the card as a resource. then the user will be prompted witch a kick options.
    see attachment.

    This prevents parked timeshifting from being released without the user having the choice.
    although user priorities are take into account before presenting the kicking screen.
    The parkeduser inherits the user prio of the user that initiated the parked channel.

    so if user1 with prio=10 parks channel1 and user2 with prio=1 tries to view channel2 on the same mux as channel1, then the dialogue is not presented, as the parked channel user has a higher prio.
    only if the prio are equal or higher, then the choice will be given.

    also any user can unpark a channel regardsless of prio.
    if user1 parks channel1, then turns of htpc in livingroom.
    user is able to resume parked channel1 somewhere else.

    currently we dont have a fully fledged user management system
    a user in tve3-5 as in tve3 is just the network name of the box.
    although if we once decide to to this, then it can be reworked accordingly.

    also setupTV has been reworked, meaning you are able to start/stop parked channels from there.
    it was done in order to be able to efficiently be able to implement the feature.
    it also makes testing card alloc. logic easier etc etc.




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  • October 29, 2005
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    Can the client countinue watching TV from same point where was stopped on another client even if the original client was back in the buffer?


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  • May 10, 2007
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    i have one question !
    the feature use "Virtual User" ? and use timer before drop timeshift
    why, don't save all Clients information connected to TVserveur . available on screenshot under.

    what i mean :
    we use DB table and store all clients with access to TVserveur.
    idententification stored are IP / MAC address / and Name of clients.

    example : if you want use placeshift when you are in your livingroom and want watch the TV to your bedroom.
    on livingroom system, you can select the good clients and if your bedroom system is shutdown, the MAC addresse registered inside DB table, it can wake up the system, start on TVplugin with the timeshift on "Pause" mode. and you can start to watch without none missing .

    This list can also be used on User priorities. ...



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  • October 29, 2005
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    If you want to use placeshift when you are in the livingroom you have to press f9 and select the placeshift item on the context menu. The MP saves your timeshift position and you can shutdown the client. After you start the bedroom client, you can select the virtual client from tv streams menu and you will be able to play the stream from same position where you was on livingroom. So you won't miss anything. If you don't start the bedroom client until the idle time the server will kick the user.

    Is it not ok?


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  • May 10, 2007
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    yes, understand, my question was only for enhance your feature ....

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