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November 30, 2008
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This needs a review I think. :) I am not sure what are default values for example.

I don't know if we need
2. If you use more than one thumb (e.g. 2x2 tiles) the time between the thumbs will be calculated automatically from the video duration. This means no more almost the same thumbs.
at all. It has nothing to do with config. But that is for Docs team. :)

PS: @michael_t I think you can close: :)
@michael_t I see that MP1-4079 was closed but it says Fix Version/s: not planned yet. Holzi added the documentation to What's New 1.5 which I moved since i thought it wasn't part of MP 1.5 however now I noticed that 4079 says Resolution: Duplicate so maybe there's another JIRA issue for this?
Yes there is another issue (don't know the number), so 4079 is redundant and was never actively used.



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    @Holzi I noticed that you moved this page back to What's New 1.5 however I'm not sure that it is included in 1.5. Do you know the real JIRA number for this?

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