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Portal Pro
September 23, 2013
Austria Austria
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07.10.2020 - Version 4.0.4
+ added setting to suppress writing of <episodeguide> tag
x (image chooser) show original image always in original size
x errors when downloading images #1039
x (TV show) write trailer urls in Kodi compatible format into NFO #1040
x proper update of vote count for ratings
x fixed writing of the .desktop files in linux
x fixed restart of tinyMediaManager after upgrade to v4


Portal Pro
September 23, 2013
Austria Austria
Country flag
Version 4.0.5
  • added support for trailer download to /trailers #787
  • re-added tinyMediaManagerCMD.exe for Windows command line execution
  • added subtitle count filter for TV shows
  • updated libmediainfo to 20.09
x fixed reading hybrid DVD ISOs
x completely reworked trailer downloading to fix several issues #1060
x reworked aspect ratio calculation
x lowered memory consumption of the imdb rating fetching
x draw table/tree grid when multiple rows are selected
x improved loading time of large libraries
x more precise search results when searching for text only
x added an option to specify which actors should be fetched from IMDB #1062
x updated live calculation of movie set/movie count #1064
x inversion of media file filter for TV shows #1063
x prevent trailer from being renamed from within /trailer(s) folder
x support reading of the mediainfo.xml for unsupported files (.disc, .img, ...)
x fixed reading of mediainfo via UNC paths #1071
x fixed some updater issues
x fixed macOS dock pin issue
x MPAA tag in the NFO now also respects the certification style setting


Portal Pro
September 23, 2013
Austria Austria
Country flag
27.11.2020 - Version 4.0.6
  • added support of Kodi v19 style extrafanart (fanartX.ext)
  • added support of sorting in movie set/TV show tree #540
  • provide a filter for multi select combo boxes
  • added file name options for movie set artwork
  • added support for downloading TV show themes #825
  • added video bitrate to movie columns
  • added audio language filter
  • added subtitle language filter
  • major rework of the TV show renamer (cleanup of TV show related files)
  • added first aired date to the episode chooser
x added the media source .WEB. to WEB-DL
x added "decade" tokens to movie renamer
x better movie title search (#1089)
x add support for syncing MP2, FLAC and DTS-ES metadata to
x enhanced visualization of the image chooser #1090
x enhanced detection of container formats #1038
x added more icons for media sources #1069
x fetching 0.0 rated movies
x detect 4 digit episode numbers
x fixed TV show genre filter #1104
x separated reload media information from rewriting the mediainfo.xml file #1105
x skip data sources in "update data source" which are excluded in the settings
x prevent a possible memory leak in the trailer downloader #1099
x do not show missing seasons as shown #1102
x added aac logo


Lead Design MP2
  • Team MediaPortal
  • January 11, 2014
    Germany Germany
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    tMM goes to a commercial model after version 3.1.9 without even a hint in the change log.
    Does meanwhile everybody want to earn money and MP is one of the last real open source projects? (n)

    My hint to all, who do not want to pay, stay on version 3.1.9 and do not update.


    Portal Pro
    September 23, 2013
    Austria Austria
    Country flag
    21.12.2020 - Version 3.1.12
    + added "_" as a colon separator in the renamer settings #974
    x backport MediaInfo changes from v4 (aspect ratio and others)
    x backport fixes for trailer downloading from v4
    x detecting video resolution for certain 3D SBS files #1133


    Portal Pro
    September 23, 2013
    Austria Austria
    Country flag
    21.12.2020 - Version 4.0.7
    • added decades filter for movies
    • added new column (audio title) in MediaInformationPanels (Movie / TvShows)
    • added HDR Format filter for movies and episodes
    • added movie set artwork completeness check options (like for movies) #1145
    • added "_" as a colon separator in the renamer settings #974
    x better error messages for SSL errors #1122
    x fixed downloading trailers #1136
    x detecting video resolution for certain 3D SBS files #1133
    x writing of movie set artwork with a path separator in the name #1145
    x smaller fixes to the movie search #1140
    x fixed renaming of episode extras (e.g. extra text files)
    x fixed loading of Kodi scrapers
    x fixed: do not set "episode guide" tag when selecting KODI preset

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