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March 27, 2013
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I've tested XBMC as LAN client with my MP server(Win 8 - duel core PC - with 2 GB of Ram). Up to 6 XBMC client in my LAN able to show streamed TV channel from MP TV Server and clients often going for buffering mode and the voice breaks. And the MP server system hangs and even opening a new word document is getting very slow and delay. All client 6 systems taking all the process resource of Main server. Up to 2 client systems, MP TV server main system is stable.

Still I didn't try MP client to view streamed channel due to horizontal lines and still deinterlacing not working.
What is the correct settings for deinterlacing and get good quality? See the image attached.

Any one experiment like this? What is the serving capacity of the MP TV server? How many LAN clients MP Tv server normally supports? Do I need windows server 2003 or 2008 for MP TV server for better load balancing?


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    Your picture shows that the video is not being deinterlaced, or you are using a very basic deinterlacing algorithm.

    From memory vector adaptive is probably one of the best hardware deinterlacing methods supported by GPUs

    Please be aware that TV-Server does not officially support analog tuners that do not have hardware encoders due to the problems with driver setup, acquiring encoders, encoder compatibility etc. Your tuner might work, but there is no guarantee. It is recommended that you attempt to receive digital broadcasts if they are available, or use an analog TV card with hardware encoding.

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