Tools and other software Unable to install MP1 due to problems with my SQL 5.6, looking for alternative suggestions (1 Viewer)


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  • September 1, 2008
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    Okay. I'll start a private conversation with you...


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  • September 1, 2008
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    Hello and welcome to the forum culbert

    First, sorry to hear that you're having trouble.

    I have the same problem and i am still in stuck of it. help me!
    You haven't given us very much to go on. :eek:
    Just because a problem appears to be the same does not mean that it really is the same.

    Anyhow, if we assume that you're right and that this is the same problem as GlamRockCowboy had...
    If I recall correctly, GlamRockCowboy's problem was caused by a parallel/previous installation of MySQL 5.1.

    Please start by fully uninstalling all versions of MediaPortal.

    1. Open the Windows start menu.
    2. Type services.msc in the search/run field
    3. Press and hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys, and press ENTER (while still holding CTRL and SHIFT). In other words: run with administrative privileges. This should open a list of services installed on the system.
    4. Find and list any "MySQL..." entries for us in your next reply.
    Finally, a question: to the best of your knowledge, has MySQL ever been installed on the computer? (If yes, for what purpose?)

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