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  1. D

    MP2 - V2.5 MP2 v2.5 feedback - installation, autostart, user management

    Description: Hi there. First of all, I appreciate all the effort in MediaPortal 2 release 2.5 - visible changes look great (eg. new installer, round buttons) and backend changes seem promising as well (.NET 6 version seems more responsive than release 2.4.1). However, as with 2.4.1 upon its...
  2. G

    Newb trying MP2, trouble with guide data

    So I got as far as EPG and got stumped. I was following the Wiki tutorials and tried using WebEPG then saw the warning about IMDB not making TV guides anymore. :( I use Windows Media Center on my Widows 7 PC, and I have the Schedules Direct EPG working fine. Can someone walk me through...
  3. G

    MP1 TV Server "failed to upgrade the database" using MS Sql Server

    Trying all afternoon to install MediaPortal 1.23 on a Windows 7 Pro x64 machine. The TV-Server Configuration exe stops with "Failed to upgrade the database" error. I ran it with "/Configure-DB" and the TEST is successful, so I know I am talking to the Sql Server. Further, it creates the MpTvDb...
  4. geotwticher

    [solved] Fatal Error 0x80070643 during MP2 installation

    I get a Fatal Error 0x80070643 during MP2 installation on Windows 10, "Verify that you have sufficient privileges to start system services", which I do. I have tried many things: Removed the previous version completely Removed ServerMWC Run CCleaner Free Confirmed that Windows is up to date...
  5. L

    Tv series install problem missing file

    I redid my theater and I finally got my movies and tv series entered and when I fired up MediaPortal and clicked on TV Series it said "Wrong Skin File" and then it said "Missing or Invalid File". Any idea what the hell I did wrong? Im at a lost. I even uninstalled skins and reinstalled Titan...
  6. S

    Installation Setup Failed - Error 0x80070643

    I tried to install MediaPortal 2 onto my PC running Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit. I received the error message:- I have examined the log file..... The error line states "Failed to install MSI package". Can anyone advise what action I should take to rectify this?
  7. R

    [solved] MP2.1Pre2 Server unter Win10 - kann TVService nicht konfigurieren

    Hab grad auf einen frisch aufgesetzten Win10Prof Rechner MP2.1pre2 installiert und beim Versuch den TV-Server zu Konfigurieren kommt folgende Meldung: Kann jemand damit was anfangen? Was fehlt mir? Logs im Anhang. Grüße, Rico. Edit: Changed MP2Pre2
  8. T

    MP2 - V2.1 [MP2-554] Installer recognizes Spring '16 as newer

    I have a working MP2 (Spring 2016) installation, and tried to install the MP2.1 preview. I opened the zip download (released on 29th December 2016) and ran the setup.exe. The install fails: Error 0x80070666: Cannot install a product when a newer version is installed. The installer...
  9. G

    Tools and other software Unable to install MP1 due to problems with my SQL 5.6, looking for alternative suggestions

    For the past week or 10 days, I have been TRYING--and FAILING!--to install either MP 1.14.0 or MP 2. When trying to install MP 1.14.0, I invariably encounter one of two errors connected with mySQL 5.6: Either mySQL 5.6 refuses to install at all, or, if it does install, the main installation...
  10. J

    Unable to install

    I have attempted to install MP on a computer with Windows 8.1. The install freezes with no message. I have to end the process using task manager. I've searched your forum and can't find anyone who has had my issue. Can you give me a checklist for the install? Thank you.
  11. K

    Installation Probs with WIN 10 64-bit

    Hi, there's still an error occuring while trying to install MP2 Summer 2015 Update 1 or the latest Snapshot on my WIN10 64-bit system. Please have a look on it. LOG files are included.
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