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February 21, 2012
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Hi all

Long time user of MP. Just setting up a new server & testing a client.

TV server is all good & running OK. Fired up a client running 1.21.0 on another PC on the LAN. See the server fine, got the TV Guide up, select a channel & get unable to play stream 3.
I have had this before & LAV filters were the problem, checked this & they're fine.

Into the TSreader.log I go & find this when I tried to tune (My bold):

[2019-09-06 19:06:59,780] [15F2BC00] [ c98] - CRTSPClient::OpenStream(): create RTSP client, url = rtsp://TVSERVER2-PC:0/stream3.0
[2019-09-06 19:06:59,780] [15F2BC00] [ c98] - CRTSPClient::confused:tartBufferThread()
[2019-09-06 19:06:59,780] [15F2BC00] [ c98] - CRTSPClient::confused:tartBufferThread(): done
[2019-09-06 19:06:59,780] [15F2BC00] [2110] - CRTSPClient::ThreadProc(): thread started, thread ID = 8464
[2019-09-06 19:06:59,783] [15F2BC00] [ c98] - CRTSPClient::UpdateDuration(): RTSP DESCRIBE failed, result code = -10057, message = Bad port number
[2019-09-06 19:06:59,783] [15F2BC00] [ c98] - CRTSPClient::confused:hutdown()

Unless I'm mistaken, the streaming port number should be after the colon in the server address - 554?

Had a quick search I can't find anything port related with this problem?

Any ideas out there?



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  • June 10, 2013
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    Unless I'm mistaken, the streaming port number should be after the colon in the server address - 554?
    The port number is certainly 554 on my system. I don't know why your port number is different, but one might suspect that Windows 10 security has blocked that port for some reason. These pages in the Wiki might help:

    Streaming Server
    Firewall Settings

    -- from CyberSimian in the UK


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    February 21, 2012
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    I got it working. In TV server Streaming server settings I changed the IP address from auto to the server IP. Now it works & the TSreader log displays the ip address rather than the server hostname.

    CTsReaderFilter::Load() succeeded, file/stream: rtsp://, isTimeshift:1, isUNC:0

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