[Approved] Updated Czech translations for MP 1.9.0 Final + MP 1.10 Pre Release


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December 7, 2014


here is updated Czech language file, after the last update was made 4 years ago.
I have localized ALL strings and made some minor tweaks. I have used the MP 1.9.0 Final + MP 1.10 Pre Release English string files as sources for translation, so even a few new strings from upcoming 1.10 version are included.

I am using mainly the SteamedMP and Titan Extended Skins, so I was trying to check most of the strings placement in those skins, which was very tricky and time consuming. :)

Suggestion: I even translated strings which are definitely not used for long time (e.g. all Recipes strings), so I would suggest somebody from development should just strip unused strings out od the localization file). :)



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