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April 22, 2004
Forbes: In myHTPC this fuctionality does simply not work. It has the option. But it only records one time.

I have no problem too, if wakeup would only work within the period of the actual EPG.

And I also think, the wakeup-entry must only be written when a recording is scheduled. And for recording of series then every time, the EPG is actualized. Maybe there should be a chance (command line parameter) to simulate the F3-press from outside MP. So we can get new EPG-Data (in my case daily) and then actualize EPG in MP automaticaly. And on actualizing EPG, MP sets the new entries.

Sure, in some case this will also not work 100 percent perfect. But I think, in nearly every case it will.


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September 21, 2004
Hibernate or shutdown

I would like to se an option to select between EPG-schedule-programming and manual timer and channel programming like old VHS recorder: :D

Both for one time, and several times a week!

CMOS Bios timer against Hibernate/Standby:
I found a small programm that changes the wakeup time in the Bios for different kind of mainboards. If the values of your motherboard are not clear you can even check them easily by yourself. This will save energy!!
The first tool like that was NVRAM-WakeUp for Linux.

NVRAM-WakeUp for Linux

CMOSTimer for Windows


frodo said:
There is one big problem

1. Say you have a tvguide of 7 days
2. start MP, goto tvguide, select a program and hit enter to
record it. Now choose :
-Record everytime on every channel
-Record everytime on this channel

MP cannot know on forehand when the program appears.
reason: your tvguide holds data for only 7 days

So suppose it goes to standbye and the next time this program appears is 10 days later->MP wont awake

Correct me if I am wrong but if the EPG is not updated then MP won't record the program either.
So I would say this would work:
- you have some tvguide data. Say 2 days.
- you select "record this every time"
- MP searches, programs wake-up + record jobs over the next 2 days
At some point in time, you update the tvguide
- MP looks up its recording schedule, corrects entries for slots that may have disappeared/moved, and creates new wake-up + record jobs.

In case you've updated the tvguide within the initial 2 days, you'd normally miss no recording.

Personnaly I use an ad-hoc script as a windows scheduled job to update the EPG: I have some xml stiching to do I cannot do with the integrated fetch.
I guess I would need to call some exe at the end of my update script to ask MP to update its programming and wake-up schedule.


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August 27, 2004
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Just joining the discussion for bringing in a thought of mine.

I also tweaked around with those schedulers on my old HTPC (before MP). Finally I got hold of VirtualDVR (http://www.virtualdvr.com) which I finally bought. The functionality of this program is - in my opinion - unbeaten regarding tv scheduling, but it needs to be triggered from the outside for our purpose.

So wouldn't it be nice to achieve its functionality inside MP, even if there has to be some additional service in Windows to be started that recognizes if Windows is gonna be shut down and sets BIOS parameters according the actual needs?

Just my 2cents...



possibel porting PVRScheduler from STSC

why not ask STSC, the programmer of PVRScheduler for the myHTPC project! This tool worked for me perfectly with myHTPC/winTVCap, i read that he thought about giving the code free for porting to other applications-> here especially for meedio?

Maybe a beginning of a really NEW friendship......(we are all "Freewearers" :lol:)


I just had a look at this guy's work.
What I find most interresting is the power management.
It's all written in C# and he seems to have solved the "Startup from sleep" problem with a "Waitable timer" device. I think this is the way to go.
I even like the idea of a SOAP-server to interact with the recorder - as a complement to the very, very nice GUI of MP.

Go to this site and have a look at the VCR.NET project.



I made a small test application in C#.net using classes PowerManager.cs and Waitabletimer.cs from the project mentioned in my earlier post.

It works perfecty to resume my computer from hibernation and it's not really that much code so I think it quite easily could be implemented in MP.


Cool. Fred this is brilliant. I just hope that the developers here are happy with this sort of solution. If so then maybe it could be included soon. There are now only three big things which hold me back from using MP fulltime, and this is one of them.

thank you very much. hope this works out.


Yes Forbes, goes for me too.
I really want this hibernaton issue to be solved before I could make use of MP. I'm primarily thinking of using MP to be able to get rid of my old VCRs but all those other useful things in MP doesn't hurt, does it?

I'm quite sure this is the way to go and I think Frodo could make this thing work for MP in an hour or so. It took me 2 hours to make the test but I had to learn :wink: C# on the way.

It would be possible to make a wake-from-hibernate plug-in but I'm not too fond of that solution since the plug-in must then poll the schedulers database for the current next-in-line recording and (re)set the timer all the time (so it won't miss a newly entered recording).
Would probably work but, no good solution.

It think it would be a better solution to swap from the current "scheduled task" implementation for a WaitableTimer instead in the MP scheduler.

Any suggestion from MP-team-developers who might C things #er?


frodo, any comments? do think this would work well? anyone else?

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