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April 27, 2009
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Yes, I have also a setup with Projekktor. It's a pretty good player.
The thing I wanted to do with the videoplayers, is that the build-in progress bar is actually usable for seeking. In the standard skin there is an external HTML progressbar which doesn't showup in fullscreen mode. A view players support pseudo-streaming, but the streaming mechanism in MPExtended is not compatible with this technique.

Flowplayer seems to have a pretty good way to extend the player and make your own streaming provider plugin.

Players I still have a basic working example available for:
  • JWPlayer 5 and 6
  • Flowplayer (Flash and HTML)
  • MediaElement.js
  • Projekktor
See the attachment here and overwrite the 2 folders in the Bootstrap skin folder. Then, in the Stream folder, rename one of the FlashVideoPlayer files to FlashVideoPlayer.cshtml to test that player.

So far, I tested only if the API is able to return a correct seeking time when you try to seek to an unbuffered position. Only JWPlayer 5 and 6 were standard capable of this.


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    Ok, havent had a look at seeking yet. One big issue I have with jwplayer and flowplayer is that they force an annoying static logo (not sure about flowplayer, stopped reading when I read free version "branding" on their site) onto free users, and their licensing options to remove that logo are per domain and/or subscription based. I even thought about donating an (affordable, one off fee) license to mpextended, but their licensing scheme is just not feasible for open source projects.


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    April 27, 2009
    Netherlands Netherlands
    New version up, v3:
    - New backdrop for movie and tvshow detail view
    - New sub-title for some views with extra info
    - Add actors to tvshows
    - Localize 'Episode' in breadcrumb
    - Fixed a small responsive design bug at 779px
    - Sorted recordings by date
    - Added nummer of recordings per group to group title
    - Fixed an issue when clicking on a recording, closing the group
    - Extended album musicplayer with playing indicator
    - Gave a nice color to the music player itself
    - Added duration to track music player
    - Added cover to track music player
    - Aligned the duration in the list to be more in the middle
    - Added refreshrate indicator in dropdown button

    I need to make a new movie about it soon :)

    Still didn't fix the IE10 issues. I have to install IE10 first.
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    April 27, 2009
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    Great skin, a few things do not work 100% in IE10

    1. The small view does not work for EPG (works in Chrome/Iron)

    2. Covers (music,movies) are sometimes not loaded until scrolled a little (less of an issue in Chrome/Iron)

    3. Does not remember view selection (does in Chrome/Iron)

    4. Covers keep aspect ratio in IE10 do not in Chrome/Iron. I guess Chrome is the behaviour you want, I would suggest not stretching pics (my Artist pics are not CD cover sized)

    Suggestion: Add a floating link list to the right with jumps to the starting letters of the alphabet (# A B C .... Z and have link targets in the list)
    I can't reproduce issues 1 and 3 with Bootstrap v3.

    About 2, I know that, but it should only happen when you go from simple list view to a view with covers.
    About 4, I will try to fix this, I don't have any artist pics at all.

    The floating link list is a good idea, Thanks :)


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    April 27, 2009
    Netherlands Netherlands
    New version up, v4!
    - Fixed rounded corners of fanart in webkit browsers
    - Fixed width of coverlist item images in IE
    - Fixed loading of non existent default fanart-image
    - Fixed images only load when scrolling
    - Added fade animation when cha nging view
    - Added year to album list
    - Added breadcrumbs to music
    - Added artist in front of track title in playlist
    - More consistency between track and album musicplayer
    - Placed breadcrumbs at left plane, making more place for the cover


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    An idea for you @Dragy. When in Movies / TV Series / Music right above the filter/genre selector you have the label (Movies, Music, etc), what do you think about appending the genre / filter to it so people can easily see what is being shown.

    For example, I go to Movies and then select Comedy in the genre drop down. The label would then say Movies - Comedy. As it is there is no way to tell without looking at the address bar and for those that use masking or are on a mobile device, it can be tricky =)

    Just an idea
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    April 27, 2009
    Netherlands Netherlands
    Thanks, great idea :) Will implement it really soon.

    Done haha
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