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November 21, 2012
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I use windows 8 and the reg fix worked only half for me, it did work but it seemed to switch to 1080 29i. Instead of 1080p50 where i run the ui in. So i used the vnc trick and this worked great. I did use ultra vnc single click as i like to keep my system as clean as possible.

But as i still have some instability issues with irtrans server after resume i decided to just power down the system. As i use a modern system with a ssd and use all the fast windows 8 boot options like secure boot and every fast boot option my mb supports, the os boots below 10 sec in windows 8 kiosk mode from power off state (mind u this a full boot from power off in kiosk mode) . Mediaportal is a bit sluggish and takes 15 sec.

But still mediaportal is up and running from power off in less then 30 sec which is acceptable for me. If they will fix the slow boot of mediaportal which i heard is done in mp 2.0 it will work even better.


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    I am starting to test the huge rework for D3D here and Upload a test release later tonight.


    Please test and let me know if it fixed it for you. If not provide EXACT steps to reproduce it. Also make sure that ONLY MediaPortal is affected. If other Windows apps are affected as well then you have a general HDMI incompatibility with one of your components and either require the registry fix for minimum supported resolution or some addition hardware like an HDMI Detective or a HDMI Switchbox like a DVDO Edge for example.

    Do not spam the thread. I will keep it clean and delete posts that no longer apply. So don't feel offended if your post vanishes. It's just to have a clean thread for testing purposes.

    Don't expect it to be working right out of the box. The rework is huge in regards to the D3D part!


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    Welcome back Scythe. (y) Good to see you in here again.

    I will test during next week.
    Question: is this a fork of MP1.2, 1.3alpha or beta version? Just so we know what plugin to use. The name suggests 1.3alpha.


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  • June 20, 2009
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    It's a fork of 1.3.0 Beta.

    First Build available in Area51. Please test and provide Feedback. But don't expect wonders yet.
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    Here's a variant of what proposed in the first post.

    1) Use VNC to login remotely.
    2) Right click desktop and select 'Screen Resolution'. Or goto Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display\Screen Resolution.
    3) Click 'Detect'.
    4) Select 'Another display not detected'.
    5) Set 'Multiple Displays:' to 'Try connect anyway on: VGA'.
    5) Select 2nd display, set 'Multiple Displays:' to 'Show desktop only on: 2'
    6) Set correct resolution (1080p in my case).
    7) Select 1st display, set 'Multiple Displays:' to 'Show desktop only on: 1'
    8) Select 2nd Display, click 'Multiple Displays:' select 'Remove this display'.

    This behavior is related to Windows 7multi monitor detectection feature. What happens here is when the the HDMI display is lost Win 7 tries the VGA display (1024x768) and then switches back to the HDMI (1080p) display. With the workaround above there will be no resolution changes thus XBMC will stay in full screen.
    ^ IOW this. (Which will not be last post forever ;)):


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  • June 20, 2009
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    Whenever a monitor is disconnected by whatever event, specs require a reset to 1024x768 XGA resolution. This of course affects any open windows on the desktop. MP runs in a borderless window. Not a real full screen!

    Depending on your GPU it might not reset the resolution to 1024x768. In fact mine system does not not. It changes the resolution to 1920x1200. Never changed anything in the registry. And because the resolution is larger, I never suffer this effect. It seems that this is the same way for all systems that are fully compliant to the latest ACPI level and all legacy crap in BIOS/EFI is turned off. They never go to the old windows 1024x768 default resolution but instead to the maximum supported resolution per connected display (1920x1200 in my case).

    These systems will see an ACPI HOTPLUG event as a Windows message as well.

    Anyway the 1024x768 fallback is fine. MS changed this a bit in with Win8. Most people should not experience this issue in Win 8 (of course depending on the GPU driver as usual). MS changed a lot in regards to screen resolutions as they also intended to run Metro on one screen and desktop on a second screen. For this they adjusted a lot. To be honest with Win8 Multi Displays Support is finally on par with OSX.

    Currently fine-tuning the patch in Area 51 by testing it out on various systems until we find a solution that works for everyone.

    This large patch (reworking a lot of related D3D features) will make MP aware of size changes in fullscreen and automatically adjust to the new resolution and stopping any events that cannot be done during resolution changes (e.g. movie playback).

    When a window is larger then the resolution Windows makes it smaller. But it doesn't make it bigger again later automatically. So we need to teach MP to resize itself to the full resolution automatically when running in fullscreen and at the same time preventing the D3D device to hang if the resolution becomes to small for the current window size.

    Any application has the same problem when it cannot handle resolution changes. Applies to XBMC as well. XMBC simply minimizes itself to the tray on a resolution change by Windows and requires manually reactivation. This already works for MP with the current patch. But I want to bring MP automatically back to the front.


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  • January 7, 2005
    ...and stopping any events that cannot be done during resolution changes (e.g. movie playback).
    Actually even resolution changes would be possible to be handled by the EVR renderer. But for us it is enough to handle the refresh rate changes during that playback (actually that is a 100% must - otherwise the refresh rate changer will break as we have refresh rate changes in middle of Blu-rays :)).

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