XFace Version 1.8 ready for Download 29.04.2009 (1 Viewer)


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    Hi all,

    as you all know, i have do in the past mostly worked on creating the new default skins Blue3 and Blue3wide for MP. So in this case i have not become many free time todo much work on Xface.

    After i have see the results of user survey 2009, that so many people are still using the Xface skin, i think it´s time for a complete refreshed version of Xface.

    ...and here it is !! :) XFace 1.8 refreshed

    The new Version is full compatible with all changes for MP 1.0.1, like new recordet TV, new Groups in EPG and so on and so on........ Also screens layout and gfx are refreshed.

    I have now put in a lot of time to do all changes and also new work on most importants plugins like MovingPictures and MyTVSeries. The new skin version is now full compatible with the newest versions of the Plugins.
    All Screens are done now complete new for that in Xface style.

    Also the Nowplayingscreen has new design with real working analog VUMeters, many thanks to hwahrmann, for doing the special code for that.

    The Skin has now also his own Installer, wich makes the installation very easy and give you the possibility to customize the skin to your own need, by selecting the epg rows, the style of nowplayingscreen and the topbar.
    Many thanks to Chefkoch, who has do the installerscript.

    ..hope you like it :)

    Download Xface 1.8 Refreshed

    Greetings Harley

    Moving Pictures
    Moving Pictures1.jpg Moving Pictures2.jpg Moving Pictures slide.jpg

    Moving Pictures4.jpg Moving Pictures5.jpg

    TV Series1.jpg TV Series2.jpg TV Series slide.jpg

    TV Series4.jpg TV Series5.jpg

    Overworked Dialogs New EPG with Groupstuff

    Dialogwindows.jpg EPG new.jpg

    New NowPlaying screen with real analong VUMeters
    Nowplaying with vumeters.jpg vumeter.jpg

    Homescreens with weather informations
    Home neu.jpg Basichome Weather.jpg


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    wow harley that look great.... (it's abut time for this big upgrade :) )
    thank you.


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    Its looking great Harley !!!

    Looking forward to the release.

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    This is still one of the great skins, so thanks for taking the time to do a update, looking really good so far :)


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    February 24, 2009
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    i use Xface 1.7 and really love it, so looking forward to 1.8!! Thanks in advance.
    Maybe not the place here to ask questions , couldn't find it elsewhere.............. How to get 5.1 sound . i use SAF and optical spdif, still can't get my subwoofer working. anyone ideas? lets say i only get 4.1 sound. Which codecs should i use to get it working? a push in the right direction would be aprecciated.



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    June 2, 2007
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    I've been waiting on this a long time, i'll be nice to be able to run my favorite skin without the frankensteining i've done to it.

    Those pictures definitely look like they're worth waiting for too :D


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  • July 26, 2008
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    Hello, Do you have plans to create version of your skin with large fonts? For us, with glasses :)


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    January 28, 2009
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    Looks great. Can't wait to download your new version :)


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    Hello, Do you have plans to create version of your skin with large fonts? For us, with glasses :)
    Have you tried wearing the glasses? That would help you. :D

    Harvey: Those MovingPictures views are really classy. Thanks.

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