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Discussion in 'Tips and Tricks' started by underdog, January 22, 2005.

  1. underdog

    underdog Guest

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    USA XMLTV for noobs

    1. Download

    a. Install it, somthing like c:\xmltv

    2. Goto start run and type

    cmd (enter)
    c:\xmltv (enter)
    xmltv.exe tv_grab_na_dd --configure (enter)
    read and put in the data
    eastcoast -0500 GST
    get certificate code (goto step 3)
    zap2it account name
    now password

    3. Create an account here
    a. (( FINISH STEP 2))

    4. now type

    xmltv.exe tv_grab_na_dd --days 7 --output tvguide.xml (enter)

    5. now you have a file in c:\xmltv called tvguide.xml

    copy tvguide.xml file in
    C:\Program Files\Team MediaPortal\MediaPortal\xmltv

    This would have saved me some time :)
    hope it helps..
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  3. Sk33t3r

    Sk33t3r Guest

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    Hey! Thanks. I've been wondering how to get this done, just haven't figured out how to ask the questions.
  4. underdog

    underdog Guest

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    Glad it could help!
  5. Sk33t3r

    Sk33t3r Guest

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    Hey! went to zaptoit.com to sign up, but the sign up requires a certificate code. What's that all about? How do I get it.
  6. underdog

    underdog Guest

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    Thanks for pointing that out, I went back and fixed the steps....
  7. underdog

    underdog Guest

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    Are you in the USA?
  8. alimk

    alimk Portal Member

    January 26, 2005
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    you know, there is another way, you can use the XMLTV Automate, it automatically grabs the xmltv guides straight from zap2it, bypassing everything, jus enter your zip address and it will do the rest (u also have to pick your service provider) but it should work fine, i have tried it and i live in canada, it gave me excellent results, u can pick how many days u want to download the information for, the only problem i have seen is that the XMLTV isnt working in my version of, it worked fine in :confused: dont know the problem but hey, heres the link for automate xmltv :) http://www.meedio.com/pub/Tools/XMLTV-Automate/
  9. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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    Great guide!!! It helped out a lot. It worked fine except I had to "Compensate time zone with -10 hours" to get the right show descriptions for EST. Perhaps that is related to having the "Use time zone information from XMLTV file" checked? It's working nicely right now, thanks! :)
  10. Anonymous

    Anonymous Guest

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    Thanks for the steps..

    I get the guide in MyTV and also see the channel in the list but when i click on the channel and want to watch..the channel does not change. What am i doing wrong?
    This is driving me crazy.

    The channel change works fine in winTV. I am using cable and Hauppauge WinTV-Go card.

    Any help is appreciated.

  11. Loki047

    Loki047 Guest

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    Hey guys, does anyone have a problem when it comes to entering your password? It wont allow me to enter a password. The login is without a problem..

    Are we supposed to just unzip the files in what you link to a folder? Im a little lost.. In case you guys havent noticed. If i havent been clear im sorry its a little late

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