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Problem with TVguide

I'm still having problem after following the instruction here.

I downloaded the xmltv-0.5.36-win32.zip extracted to the xmltv directory inside media portal. Configured in MediaPortal to use tv_grab_na_dd, registered accounting with zap2it.com. It downloaded the guide just fine and all the programs are shown in Scheduel. But I can't switch to TV channel inside media portal. After looking around, I found out the channel number is not set. After I manually set the channel number, I can switch the TV channel, but the TV guide no longer work.

Any help is appreciated.

Here is the part of my TVguide.xml created by xmltv.

<tv source-info-url="http://labs.zap2it.com/" source-info-name="TMS Data Direct Service" generator-info-name="XMLTV" generator-info-url="http://www.xmltv.org/">
<channel id="I18805.labs.zap2it.com">
<display-name>25 CITS</display-name>
<display-name>25 CITS 0005410:-</display-name>
<display-name>36 CITS fcc</display-name>
<display-name>Crossroads Television System</display-name>
<display-name>Canadian Independent</display-name>
<channel id="I16160.labs.zap2it.com">
<display-name>3 CIIIOT</display-name>
<display-name>3 CIIIOT 0005410:-</display-name>
<display-name>CIIIOT (Global - Ottawa)</display-name>
<display-name>TMS Specialty</display-name>


I too can not see the guide data within MediaPlay. I ran xmltv, imported the channels and then assigned them via AutoTune.


After having followed this thread till here, I was able to localize my EPG, got a consistent TvGuide.xml file, updated MediaPortal's TV schedule (F3 - which counted all 30 channels and thousands of programmes) but only get the schedule for five channels and the current time. I can't navigate to other channels or times... :(


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    make sure that the "Channel Name" as set in MP matches EXACTLY the name as found in "channel=" of the <programme> entry in the tvguide.xml file. It needs to include all blanks, etc.
    i had for example "RTL2" set in the channel name of MP and my EPG file contained "RTL 2" in the channel=.
    After changing it in MP using Configure i reloaded (F3) the EPG and the programs for RTL 2 showed up.


    Thx for the quick reply!

    I'm not too sure but I believe you mean the text between the <display-name> tag? Like in:

    <channel id="ard.de">
    <display-name lang="de">ARD</display-name>
    <icon src="http://www.tvtoday.de/tv/programm/bilder/senderlogos/ard.gif" />

    As in this case (ARD) the text matches the appearance of the channel's name in MP (at least from what I see in the Configuration\Television\Channels\Settings window; is there another place where the channel id's could be spelt differently?).

    Funny enough, I get the right programme information in TV mode (information on the current show) but only five progammes in TV schedule mode. While typing and testing, I realize that the information changes if I switch channels in TV mode and go to the schedule afterwards...
    Is that weird or "normal"? I mean, it would make more sense to browse the EPG of all channels without changing the channels at another place, wouldn't it?

    I really start to like MP more and more and hope I (we) get this problem solved, too.


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    bonefish: I think the scrollbar that used to be there disappeared with verion 12.
    It is noted as a bug I beleave.
    Depending on the input device u use you may not be able to navigate down.
    Try the down key on keyboard or remote. That should work in the meantime.



    Excellent! The cursor keys do the job :)
    Thx very much for your help.

    ps MP seems to be widespread in Germany :wink:


    More info about XMLTV

    I was confused about this too. Maybe there should be an extra step in the TV wizard to help us newb's understand it a little better. The rest of MediaPortal works great, but I think the TV portion of the portal is what us lazy windows users are looking for.



    Although I do not have my HTPC finished yet I have been fooling around with some of the tools and configuration materials running MP on my Thinkpad.

    While XMLTV certainly beats entering everything by hand it is confusing.
    I've go the zp2it.com account set up and I can configure the service for my locale. I have both cable and satellite services and I can't seen any clean way to merge the two lists so that the MP program guide is a single source of data. Does anyone know how to get a cable list and a satellite list merged?

    I've been through the docs and the forum and haven't been able to find an answer on this or how to place the icons so that they show up in MP. I've put them in conceivably every possible subdirectory and nothing seems to make a difference.

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