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November 20, 2006
New Zealand New Zealand
No hasn't helped for me. I'm still running the odler version tho and won't be home for a while. After reading Marchusb's post I thought that might help. I guess not. I think this needs to be put into mantis then?


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  • December 5, 2004
    Netherlands Netherlands
    yesterday installed latest SVN of TVengine (14501) and problem with time offset is fixed (at least for me). Just wondering if this is coincidence or fixed because the log files do not mention fixing it.
    can somebody confirm?
    TIA Ruud.


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    January 12, 2007
    Denmark Denmark
    xmltv - urgent

    TV-Server Version:
    MediaPortal Version: 2.2.0 + SVN
    MediaPortal Skin: Blue Two
    Windows Version: Windows XP SP2
    CPU Type: Intel Pentium 4 2,6 GHz
    HDD: WD 60 GB
    Memory: 512 DDR2
    Motherboard: HP
    Motherboard Chipset:
    Motherboard Bios:
    Video Card: GeForce A6200
    Video Card Driver: 8.3.1
    Sound Card: SoundMAX
    Sound Card AC3:
    Sound Card Driver:
    1. TV Card: Hauppague PVR-150MCE
    1. TV Card Type: analog
    1. TV Card Driver:
    2. TV Card:
    2. TV Card Type:
    2. TV Card Driver:
    3. TV Card:
    3. TV Card Type:
    3. TV Card Driver:
    4. TV Card:
    4. TV Card Type:
    4. TV Card Driver:
    MPEG2 Video Codec: NVIDIA PureVideo
    MPEG2 Audio Codec: MPA
    Satelite/CableTV Provider:
    HTPC Case:
    Power Supply:
    Remote: MCE (Hauppague)
    TV: Philips 28" Wide
    TV - HTPC Connection: S-Video via SCART

    I think it is urgent that this will be addressed, as it is an essential part of Mediaportal to be able to use the TV guide.

    Tried fixing by using the VBscript (doesn't work) and other different ways.

    Plz look into this as soon as possible.


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    November 20, 2006
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Ok. Well this seems to have been introduced in REV14365 when Dero made changes to the xmltvImport. In terms of binary release snapshot this was in REV14386.


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    October 6, 2006
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    I was having the same problem, and saw in another thread that you have to press the Refresh EPG button in the Manual Control section of the TV Server setup program , otherwise the new EPG is imported without overwriting existing data.

    So, the way I did it, in sydney, australia, was to set the timezone offset to -10 hours, then I deleted the tvguide.xml file that the xmltv plugin uses to import, then I clicked on the Refresh EPG button in TV Server setup, and then ran WebEPG to recreate the tvguide.xml file, which was then imported with the correct timezone offset..

    Hope it helps! :)


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    November 20, 2006
    New Zealand New Zealand
    What revsion are you running? Using the "Refresh EPG" what I've been doing everytime I test, So not sure whats going wrong.:confused:


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  • February 2, 2007
    New Zealand New Zealand
    Well I am not using an offset as my logic would dictate that xmltvnz grabs sky stuff using our timezone automaticlly... So I didnt think I needed one, but I do however get the same issue with everything 2 hours behind...

    Yip got the same issue here.... damn bugger....

    Oh well... :D
    Andy, what offset are you using for what channels?

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