1. A

    AAC 2.0 going out of sync

    Have an issue with several AAC 2.0 files going out of sync Video plays fine, audio gets delayed. that is video is ahead of sound - not audio ahead of picture Using windows's own "Film &TV" plays fine Tried LAV Audio, Microsoft,Monogram all have same issue. File test with has audio Audio ID...
  2. V

    [solved] Startup Crash if Video Folders not online/accessible. (default videos plugin)

    Hello. I've recently installed a fresh clean install of MP 1.18 and the latest StreamedMP. I have found that MP will crash upon startup as well as when entering/exiting the file explorer menu if the network location specified in Videos\Video Folders is not accessible (offline, asleep, etc)...
  3. fatt_fill

    Unable to create graphs - Known issue with

    Hi all, I've been using 1.15 for a while and decided to upgrade to latest 1.18 because of some fixes and features of interest. However, straight after the upgrade, if I go to "Manual Control" in TV Server Configuration and try to start a timeshift I get "Unable to create graph". I played...
  4. high

    [News] MediaPortal 1.18.0 Pre-Release ready for testing!

    Attached to this news you will find the download for MediaPortal 1.18.0 Pre Release Pre Releases are provided as a way for the community to test and give feedback on all the exciting things we have lined up for the next release. We allocate about one month for Pre Release testing. In that time...
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