1. G

    1.29.0 IPTV does not consistently connect. Mediaportal client times out before Tv Server establishes timeshifting?

    I'm not sure exactly when this started, I've been dealing with it for a while until I had time to troubleshoot it. I'm pretty sure it was present in 1.27 Final, definitely in 1.28 pre-release. It appears to me from the logs that the TV server takes a little longer to establish the connection...
  2. G

    1.25.0 Refresh rate incorrectly reported and set

    Discovered today that the Dynamic refresh rate is being improperly reported and set on my systems (server and also a client). When I start watching a channel it is detected as PAL@25 instead instead of ATSC@30 and ends up setting the Refresh Rate to 50hz. I've run MediaInfo on the tsbuffer...
  3. breese

    Tools and other software EPG-Buddy ATSC USA Testing

    @lightshock @Lehmden While I do understand how hard it is to support the ATSC function without having a system within the U.S.A. I am more than willing to assist in any way possible, even giving access thru TeamViewer. While testing the new EPG-Buddy for U.S.A. ATSC scanning and import into...
  4. breese

    xmltv install / configure for ATSC / OTA U.S.A

    EDIT: I am working on a new setup of this and will post here when completed. The new setup will allow the addition of Series info by means of As an added bonus, the channel mappings produce a greater number of Auto-Mappings. Thanks goes out to zap2xml for the recent updates allowing...
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