1. badboyxx

    TV card is listed as unknown in TV-server config

    Hello, I've give MP2 (version 2.2) another try and wanted to test it simultaneous with MP1. I have installed it as a single seat (client andserver). I saw that my both DVB-S2 tuner are listed as unknown in TV-Server configuration. The two DVB-C tuner works fine. All cards are from Digital...
  2. faumann

    Pctv 461e dvb-s2 stick

    hallo, Hat jemand MediaPortal mit dem PCTV 461e Stick von (jetz) Hauppauge bereits zum laufen bekommen? In der Doku steht PCTV noch unter Pinnacle und bei den unsupported oder partly supported tv Karten drin. Ein kleiner Hinweis wäre super. Grüße Felix
  3. Mouch.net

    Schedule dvb-s2 channel scan

    Hi all, I have noticed that over time the quality of the DVB-S2 signal decreases and I have to rescan and updates for the channels in order to be able to watch tv properly again. I was wondering if there is some way to trigger the channel scan via a dos command of some sort to be able to...
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