1. R

    [further infos missing] some movies freezing evry seconds

    With which version of MediaPortal did you encounter the problem? MediaPortal Version: 2.2.3 Describe the Problem you encounter as detailed as possible! "It does not work" won't help the team to understand the problem. Description: i have a PC acting as a server in my livingroom wich...
  2. T

    Help needed troubleshooting freezing issues in Kodi/LE w Mediaportal backend

    My current setup: Mediaportal TV Server (v 1.18.1 on Win7 Pro) - wired network connection Kodi (v 17.6 on Ubuntu 16.04.3) - wired network connection LibreElec (v 8.02 on RPi3) - Wi-Fi connection Mediaportal PVR Client (v 2.4.19) The problem: Intermittent Kodi or LE UI freezes when streaming...
  3. bta489

    [solved] MP freezing and crashing

    Hi there, The last couple of days my MediaPortal is acting up. The usual statement: I didn't change anything :rolleyes: . I perceived the first noticeable signs when I tried to switch from Music-Database-View to Folder-View and the listView was not showing any entries. Now, when I try to...
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