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    Couple of questions on guide and audio channels

    Just a couple making the leap in to MP2 from MP1. First impressions I like it, so much smoother. When TV setup is included in the MP2 program as opposed to launching a separate programme it will be fab. 1 How do i organise my guide so it shows in the correct order i set it to in TV Setup. I...
  2. R

    Skin with TV in background of guide

    Hi, I'm wondering if there is a skin that shows the TV playing full screen behind the guide instead of in a small window in the corner (same as Windows Media Center)? Thanks
  3. D

    Direct channel tuning

    Hey folks, I'm new to the world of MediaPortal, so go easy on me! I have tried looking for the info I need, but have come up empty. Basically, my question is HOW can I tune a channel directly, or jump to a channel in the guide? Basically, when I am in the guide, I type in 400...but it shows...
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    Sydney Australia, empty guide

    Hi people, I'm in Sydney, where I have just installed MP2 on a windows 10 machine. Having used MP1 for several years. I'm very impressed with all the improvements and how slick installation and setup is. BUT I can't get my Guide to populate no matter what I try. Everything else is perfect. To...
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