1. O

    EPG for USA now that IMDB is gone

    My EPG grabber using IMDB in the USA stopped working this week and their site says they are not going to post tv listings anymore. This weekend I downloaded and installed the SchedulesDirect plugin from Mediaportal's website and installed it in my version 1.18. It works perfectly even tho it...
  2. R

    IMDb has stopped publishing the TV Grid, now WebEPG is not working. What can be done?

    Recently MediaPortal stopped displaying the TV listings, making it unable to schedule the recording of TV shows. After re-grabbing all of the OTA channels in my area, it still wouldn't work. Upon further investigation, I believe the problem is that IMDb has stopped publishing the TV grid online...
  3. volumia

    Feature request for CouchPotato

    Hi offbyone, Would it be an option to add functionality to the trailers section of OnlineVideos (like iTunes or IMDb), to add movies directly to the CouchPotato watch list? Should it be possible and you need someone for testing, just let me know :)
  4. T

    Wie beschriftet MP den Tatort?

    Hallo, wie bennent der MP den Tatort? Offiziell siehe wird wohl einfach durchgezählt. Ich suche allerdings eine Sortierung nach Kommissaren? Gibt es so etwas bei MP?
  5. G

    DVB EPG enhanced with IMDB

    G'day! I'm from Australia and happily pull EPG data from the DVB signal. Is there a way to enhance that EPG data with some kind of IMDB grabber? What I'd love to see when I look at the EPG is an IMDB score for all the movies in the TV guide. Does anyone know how to pull this off? Thanks heaps in...
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