1. J

    MP2 - V2.1 .nfo files not imported properly

    I have been told to use tinyMediaManager to create MP2.1 readable info files so I can edit the tags and import appropriate information in MP2 (Recorded french movies on TV and using IMDb provides only English info: Tagging recorded movies.). I then created a .nfo file for a french movie using...
  2. J

    Tagging recorded movies.

    I'm recording movies (TV) from MP2 and I wish to move them to my movies folder with the appropriate tags (classification, artists, etc...) How can I do it with MP2? I did not find any plugin. I may have missed trivial information :) Thank
  3. PrinzValium

    NFO import not working

    My movies are stored in a network direcotry, each in a separate folder with the movie file, a nfo file, a cover jpg and a fanart jpg. When I try to import movies through AMC Updater it seems to be doing something and in the end a "Process Complete" pops up but not a single file is added. I've...
  4. Vasilich

    How to export NFO file only for some (or even one) video in DB?

    There is a button "export info to NFO files" that is applied to all videos in db. But i want to export info to NFo only for some videos. is it possible?
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