1. Cowboy

    Playback Problem with CTD or sometimes BSOD

    Hi there, i didn't find any hint for my problem but i managed it so far. Just in case someone else will have this trouble, here is the solution. Problem: The video playback seems not to be started, the picture comes approx. 30 seconds after the sound is coming. Not out of sync but very late...
  2. bta489

    [solved] Stuttering playback of edited recordings

    Hello, I am experiencing some issues when playing back edited recordings I made from german DVB-T2 (HEVC/H265 Codec). The Recording itself plays fine in MediaPortal (v 1.20). I edited the recording with MKVToolnix (split it to remove the parts before and after the program, remove additional...
  3. W

    No Blu-ray playback without Java in 1.16?

    I just recently upgraded to MePo 1.16. My PC does not have Java installed. With previous versions, I was able to select a title from the popup list that appeared when selecting the Blu-ray under videos. Now, however, titles no longer play when selecting them from the popup list even with a BR...
  4. C

    MP2 - V2.1 Where are the codecs?

    Just installed 2.1. WMC skin is great and I look forward to when it's fully functional, it does have issues, eg "TV" brings up guide and "guide" also brings up guide. Nothing brings up liveTV directly and it's a very clumsy navigation through menus to get liveTv full screen video back on the...
  5. G

    Watching previous recordings while recording is in progress

    Recently, I had occasion to update the firmware of my HD HomeRun PRIME to the most recent version. Also, Windows 10 automatically installed an update or two. As a result, any time I attempt to watch a previous recording when a scheduled recording is in progress, I get a warning that the...
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