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March 17, 2013
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I am experiencing some issues when playing back edited recordings I made from german DVB-T2 (HEVC/H265 Codec). The Recording itself plays fine in MediaPortal (v 1.20). I edited the recording with MKVToolnix (split it to remove the parts before and after the program, remove additional Audio-Tracks, add Chapters and Tags. remux to MKV), and the resulting Video plays fine with VLC. In MediaPortal however, after a few seconds the sound continues normally, but the image lags, stops for a bit, continues with a few seconds of out-of-sync video and then freezes again.

One difference I noticed is that the TsReader appears to be not involved in Playing Back the Video, as it generated no log there. I checked my codec settings, but they looked fine to me (I'm no expert, though).

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Attached are the parts of the Log-Files for the time of the playback.



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July 13, 2008
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I really am NOT an expert here, but as no-one else has commented I'll offer a comment.

What seems a little odd to me is that when playing the video both the LAV video decoder and the ffdshow video decoder are apparently being used. Unless you need some specific post-processing to be done, why the ffdshow decoder? As the video file is no longer a .ts file TsReader wouldn't be used anyway.

I have no knowledge of the software you used to, but if you can why not try producing your file as a .mp4 video and trying that. Also why not post a screenshot of your codec settings for video playback - perhaps someone might see something.


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March 17, 2013
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Thank you for your response @wjw .

The ffdshow Post-Processing is there to have the ability to control the audio-delay from the GUI. Every now and then I have sources that are out of sync and I want to be able to correct that quickly. Right now - as far as I am aware - that is only possible with ffdshow. As I read here though, this might change with the next version.

Anyway, I tried disabling the ffdshow Post-Processing and the Video plays completely fine now. So thanks again for the right idea. Problem solved.

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