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    [solved] Cant see all recorded programs

    As a newcomer to MediaPortal I have installed MP 2.2.2. Ihave followed the setup guide and TV reception seems fine. I have set the recording folder to the default of c:\users\public\recorded tv. I am able to schedule a recording and in trying to view it my troubles start because not all...
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    MediaPortal TV Server and Kodi media source issues

    We are using MediaPortal 2 TV Server as the back end, with Kodi as the client. MediaPortal 2 can save Movies and TV Series to their own designated folders, which Kodi maps as "sources". Kodi requires this, in order to correctly scrape the respective Movie and TV metadata. However, we have...
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    Unable to View Recorded .ts TV shows using MP1

    Hi, Earlier today, I was successfully watching a .ts TV recorded film. Tried the watch the rest of this afternoon but (a) the film (amongst a few others) had disappeared from my Recorded TV folder, and (b) the folder defination had been changed to something I wasn't expecting. However, I tried...
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