1. AberDino

    4k TV Stutter with RTSP

    I recently bought myself a new amplifier (Denon AVR-X3500H) and decided to also upgrade to a 4K capable video card for my HTPC (ASUS GeForce GT 1030 2GB GDDR5). This card is connected to my amp via HDMI, and onward to my UHD TV. I have a separate TV server. I tuned in the Astra UHD Demo and SES...
  2. bta489

    [solved] Stuttering playback of edited recordings

    Hello, I am experiencing some issues when playing back edited recordings I made from german DVB-T2 (HEVC/H265 Codec). The Recording itself plays fine in MediaPortal (v 1.20). I edited the recording with MKVToolnix (split it to remove the parts before and after the program, remove additional...
  3. M

    Apollo Lake and Gemini Lake 4K HEVC HDR10 performance

    I am interested to hear about users' reports on 4K HEVC HDR10 performance in MediaPortal1 using Apollo Lake and Gemini Lake SoCs. I currently use an ASRock J4205 board and I receive occasional stutter when watching 4K HEVC HDR10 content. It appears to occur every 30 seconds or so. Hardware...
  4. E

    Dynamic Refresh Rate Issue

    Hello everyone, hope you're doing well in the lead-up to the Christmas silly season. I've been a Mediaportal V1 user since 2012 and have built up an epic library and always managed to sort out my own issues, but the problem I'm experiencing at the moment has me stumped. I think it relates to...
  5. T

    Excessive frame drops

    I've just installed MediaPortal (1.12.0) on a HP G60 laptop (Vista) connected to a panasonic Viera TV. Everything operates correctly but the live TV and recorded TV playback seems to be dropping lots of frames (sound is fine). I've been through the quick and extended guides but the problem...
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