1. M

    How does content get TO the TV for viewing?

    This is apparently such a low level question that it's not even documented that I can find - I apologize in advance for this: I install MediaPortal on my HTPC, which houses my content drives. Now I need to get the output to my TV in order to watch it. I couldn't find a MediaPortal app for my...
  2. doskabouter

    Show the year of recording in recorded tv/radio

    Just noticed that for older recordings no year is displayed but only the weekday, day and month for my recordings, and I think showing the year (especially for old recordings) is more useful than f.e. what day of the week it was. Proposal: Add a new property: "#TV.RecordedTV.Year" and fill...
  3. R

    Unable to Navigate the MP2 Screen

    I have just installed MediaPortal2 in Windows10. I was able to find my TV channels. The first time I started MP2 I was able to watch TV. But now I cannot access the TV button. There is no way to scroll and there is no other button that lets me search. Below is my screen. Yes, I see the scroll...
  4. Stéphane Lenclud

    Operating System TV power cycle messes up Desktop Icons

    Since Windows 10 TH2 upgrade from November 2016 my desktop icons reorganized themselves whenever I turned my HDMI TV off and back on. For a long time I could not figure how to fix that problem, I even had a Microsoft tech support looking at it for a few hours without being able to fix it either...
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