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  • April 29, 2013
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    Since Windows 10 TH2 upgrade from November 2016 my desktop icons reorganized themselves whenever I turned my HDMI TV off and back on.
    For a long time I could not figure how to fix that problem, I even had a Microsoft tech support looking at it for a few hours without being able to fix it either.

    Due to the various side effects each TV power cycle was having on my apps and desktop I eventually realized that turning off and on the TV caused Windows 10 to trigger a change of resolution and/or font size/DPI.

    After some research I forced the same DPI for all my displays (though I only have one) by doing the following:
    • Go in Control Panel\Appearance and Personalization\Display.
    • Click on set custom scaling level.
    • Set it to whatever works for you. 100% was working fine for me.
    I did connect to that PC using TeamViewer to be able to watch what was happening while the TV was being turned off, that could have helped fixing it too but I don't think so. I believe forcing that DPI setting did the trick in itself. It seems to be fixed for good now.

    When my TV was turned back on it seems Windows adjusted DPI for some reason.


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