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  1. G

    How do I remove a card from the TVServer?

    Can someone help me to remove some old TV card entries? In TVServer Configuration there is a button to remove them but it is greyed out. I've already tried deleting them directly from the database but MP just recreates them again. I'm trying to remove the 4 card entries at the bottom as I no...
  2. badboyxx

    TV card is listed as unknown in TV-server config

    Hello, I've give MP2 (version 2.2) another try and wanted to test it simultaneous with MP1. I have installed it as a single seat (client andserver). I saw that my both DVB-S2 tuner are listed as unknown in TV-Server configuration. The two DVB-C tuner works fine. All cards are from Digital...
  3. D

    Tuner Suddenly Missing Channels

    I have a Hauppauge WinTV-HVR-1255 TV card that suddenly started missing channels 10 and 17. It gets 6,13,23. I just checked the antenna and it seems fine. I am wondering if the problem is with the card or a signal amplifier I use because I am in a fringe area.
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