1. jwlynn

    Installation of MC2XML.EXE

    I ran MC2XML.EXE last night and everything went OK. The problem happened when I went to find the xmltv.xml file to rename it to tvguide.xml. I cannot find the new file. I also cannot find the mc2xml.dat file so I can't even go back in and rerun it. I'm installing on a Windows 10 laptop. Any...
  2. badboyxx

    TVguide and "channel label template"

    I'm using the latest StreamedMP skin with WebGrab+Plus and Episodes2TVguide. Now I recognized that channels without sub-titles have a label with empty brackets in tvguide. The problem has nothing to do with WebGrab+Plus or Episodes2TVguide. How can I solve this?
  3. Suli

    MP2 Channel Numbers and Logos Not Displaying

    After come rough starts with MP2 (trying to migrate from WMC), I think I finally made some progress... 1. Got the Setup & Service talking to the Ceton 4-tuner card (by adding the firewall rules for tvseup and service) 2. Got my Ceton 4-Tuner card scanning (thanks to the post about increasing...
  4. H

    [Pending] XMLTVImport - fix import from

    Hi TV guide data from contains <episode-num system=""></episode-num> witch can't be processed by the plugin resulting in zero program are imported :-( With attached patch to TvEngine3/TVLibrary/Plugins/XmlTvImport/XMLTVImport.cs the plugin only reads episodenum with...
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