1. rsbrux

    Operating System Win 10 vs. 8.1

    My HTPC has run pretty well for years with Win 7 Pro x64, but since MS is dropping support and a few problems have cropped up, I plan to install a newer OS (not upgrade). I am comfortable with Win 8.1, having used it for years on my laptop. Furthermore, I have seen more posts here about...
  2. W

    Cannot playback recordings after Windows update

    After installing this weeks Windows 10 update on my dedicated MediaPortal server PC, I cannot playback recordings anymore on my MediaPortal client PC, A dialog window appears with `Unable to play` and some random errorcode. There are error messages in the attached logfiles...
  3. ajs

    Best Windows for Mediaportal

    Which version is better presented in the survey? What are the guidelines for configuring the operating system?
  4. Stéphane Lenclud

    Operating System Shut down when I press the sleep button

    I like my HTPC to shut down when I hit the power button on my remote control. The problem is that an MCE remote actually sends the sleep command when you hit the power button. By default on Windows (7, 8 and 10) the sleep button sends your computer into sleep mode. In your settings you can...
  5. Stéphane Lenclud

    Operating System TV power cycle messes up Desktop Icons

    Since Windows 10 TH2 upgrade from November 2016 my desktop icons reorganized themselves whenever I turned my HDMI TV off and back on. For a long time I could not figure how to fix that problem, I even had a Microsoft tech support looking at it for a few hours without being able to fix it either...
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