Audio problem with RECORDED atsc files (1 Viewer)

Das Hammer

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June 14, 2007
Das Hoosier State
United States of America United States of America
Seems no one has posted anything new about this issue recently. Everyone still having their same issues with no audio on recorded atsc channels?


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July 15, 2007

ive just spent 3 months in the smallest amounts of time peicing this together, now ive got this issue, again there is no answer, so i just dont use it, or dont record??

its a bloody great program, but my god what a pain in the ass to set up, ive got a server/client setup with another client in another room. Ive recorded before and all seemed well, now as of a few days ago my h264 decoder is no longer installed some ffblah blah codec pack, found this thread and bingo, stiff sir you will not be using it for which you want, my missus was right i should have gotten the VCR out before starting this


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January 22, 2007
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Recorded a show, and if you try to play it back, it crashes MP. If you play it back in another program like MPC, no audio. ... :(

Meh, with no stable epg, and unreliable recordings, I think the days of tv are over for my htpc. Like there's anything good on tv anymore these days anyway. lol


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January 6, 2008
I was going to create a thread very similar to this one, only for DVB-S recordings (which pretty much has the same problems).

I know what the problem is for my situation and how to resolve it, i just need to get in contact with the right people (mainly whomever handles the directshow side of things in MP)


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January 6, 2008
So How do you solve it Rebel? I seem to have this issue for DVB-T on one channel only.
Well as far as i can see, MP isn't drawing the correct dshow graphs to decode the transport streams (it fails to include a demuxer and instead links the files directly to the decoding filters)


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December 11, 2005
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Same problem here - live/timeshifted ATC works great, recorded ATSC (as .mpg) has no audio, even when opened in VLC. TsWriter log is attached. Thanks.

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