Custom Intro Suggestions?? (Play Intro movie before each movie)


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September 17, 2007
It would be kinda cool once the mediainfo.dll (ability to tell quality, and audio type, etc) gets implemented that we could have a few intros played based on the specs of the movie...

Ie Dolby Digital sound intro, and 1080p Hi-Def into.

Just a thought.


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October 23, 2006
I just tried this briefly last night, but had trouble with it. When I set an intro-movie to play in settings, Whenever I started a Movie, MP would just stop responding. 2 Times I managed to actually get it to show the intro movie. Has anyone experienced anything like this?
I have the intro-movies on a network-drive, but I will try to movie them to the HTPC to see if this helps.


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October 9, 2008


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February 27, 2009
Hey guys I tried the old school countdown but couldnt get it to work. When i hit play it would just go straight to the movie. Not sure whats wrong and couldnt find anything in the logs. Anyone want to try it and let me know?

Hi i tried this and it works great :) for storage that is online

I have an issue with this though, if I click to play some media that is offline ie. a HDDVD the trailer plays and then mediaportal freezes. Basically the "insert media" prompt is hidden behind the trailer and as such cannot be seen or accessed.

Is this a bug with the trailer software?




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October 13, 2008
Here's my 2 cents for what it's worth. This is coming from an avid movie goer, and I'd like to duplicate that "experience" in my home.

1. I'd like to pull a random group of trailers from a custom folder, say 3 random movie trailers from folder xyz.
2. I'd like to set a custom intro, like you've already done from a custom folder. This would be like: welcome to the theater, turn off your cell phone, enjoy the show...
3. I'd like to play one sound intro from a custom folder, such as a Dolby DTS intro, or an SDDS intro. This is typical of movie theaters. If the movie has a DTS audio track, play the DTS intro, etc. I don't even care of the intro matches the sound format (that's pie in the sky). These are different from trailers and different from a custom theater intro too so they should be seperated as such.

Anyways, I love what you guys are doing. This is by far my favorite plugin and all my friends loved it when they came over for a movie night. I think these additions would be icing on the cake! Thanks.


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  • April 6, 2008
    I'm currently reworking some of the playback logic in Moving Pictures that will allow such an implementation in the future. Don't expect noticable changes for this in 0.8 (most of it is just for maintainability) but i wanted to let you know that i plan to refactor/rewrite it in such a way that such features can be easily plugged in when we would consider implementing them.


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  • October 3, 2007
    this is a nice feature,
    BUT, could it be possible that the Custom Intro startet to play, then deamon tool mountet the movie in the background so it was ready mountet when the intro was done?

    Now it works like this:
    Playng intro, when its done then deamon tool starts to mount img, and then play movie file.

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