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February 20, 2019
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Hello friends!!

I have mounted an Ambilight system with Hyperion on a RaspBerry Pi 3 with LibreElec.
I used an APA102 LED strip.

Now I would like to be able to use that LED strip by USB (now it works by GPIO).

I have seen this KIT in AliExpress and I bought it, just for the box (which I guess it will be an Arduino).

AliExpress KIT, I see that it is with WS2812 LED strip and this LED strip uses 3 Pins, and my system with APA102 uses 4 Pins.

Do you think I could adapt that box to my system?
Do you know how I can do it?
Somebody made it?

My intention is to be able to use my system by USB and connect it to a Xiaomi BOX TV, which can be installed with KODI Hyperion as well.

I leave a video of my system working.

Thank you so much!!


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November 18, 2010
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I have try it with the lc8808 led strips ,it seems do not work correctly,
is it matter with the power ?must it be dc5v ?
or what is the led protocol I have to choose
the datasheet of the lc8808 led :LC8808 DC12V Individual Pixel LED Strip-DC12V Digital Pixel Strip-Shenzhen LED Color Opto Electronic Co.,Ltd
DC12V is the correct power.
 The LC8808 is a 3-channel constant current LED drive with resumable data transfers and internal display patterns. There are three open-drain constant current outputs, with a build-in PWM of gray scale. The range of input power is from +9V to +15V, and voltage-endurance of LED port is +12V. There is a built-in 12bits GAMMA correction module. PWM maximum refresh frequency is 8kHz,The LC8808 use the e-RZ (extended return to zero code) as the signal transmission mode, which can control the output current channel by channel and cascade infinitely.LC8808 provides two-signal data input as redundant control, which ensures the transmission of the signal if any single chip damages. In the absence of signal input,LC8808 displays the built-in display patterns that is suitable for those applications without a controller. There is the built-in power-on and power-off protection in the drive, which can enhance the service life of the chip. It also has the automatic test function while power on, which is convenient for the customer to test,The LC8808 provides SOP8 packaging, working environment is from -40 ° C to + 85 ° C.
Can you give more informations about your set? Controller you use....
Don´t understand your question about the led protocol.

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