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March 17, 2013
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Well, according to the logs, both succesfully retrieved a (german) summary from OFDB. So no english fallback necessary there.

As for the Collections:
For Rocky, the script found a special in the online Database and then skipped the auto-sorting part (which apparently also collects the collection Info).
For Schindler's List the Collections-part is executed. But as far as I understand, it only cares about other parts in the series (which Schindler's List has none of). I haven't found a part in the script that scrapes for either IMDB Top 250 nor Oscars (or any other award for that matter).

Again, I haven't cared much about the collections in the past, so I'm not sure what the behaviour was in times when the script was working properly. But as far as I understand the script it is not searching for those Collections.


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November 9, 2009
Hello and thank you for your great work with the scraper putting on version 1.5. The Actors and all other Informations have added again without failures or HTML Tags. I have a tchnical question. In the meantime i added many many Movies with the old Version 1.4.8. And i deleted the Actors because of the horrible html Tags. So many of my Movies have no Actors in the DB :-( further i want to update the IMDB Score. I added the first movies in 2012 :) so the score could in- or decreased in the meantime.
Is it possible to Update only specific entries like Actors / Score / Popularity? I sorted my List manually and some Summaries are copied from the internet. It would be a catastrophe for my Database if it will overwrite the sorting oder other entries.

If i click on "refresh from" it sends some Movies to the importer and other Movies not. But everytime he overwrites ALL fields and logically my handmade changes too :-(

Or i can say: everything can be Updated but not the Title / The sorting / The summary :)e
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March 17, 2013
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As far as I know, that is not possible. The Scraper always replaces the old values (hence the warning dialog when sending to importer saying something along the lines of: any modification will be lost)


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July 3, 2008
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I am looking for Filminfo+ v1.5.
What I could find here was just the code.
I have no idea what to do with it.

Would someone be so nice and give me a "ready to use" link to the v1.5
Thankyou very much for that.


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March 17, 2013
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It is ready to use :). Just Download the .xml file and add it as scraper in the MovPic configuration.


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    No promises, but I can take a look over the weekend.

    Can you at least give me scraper-debug enabled log files, and HTML source of all the respective web resources it relies on? For IMDb+ I got added code options to make that easy, but I don't think Merlyn ever incorporated those for FilmInfo+ when he took chunks of IMDb+ code.

    Debugging it from a US location makes it difficult as provides different results depending on your GeoIP location, so will need your assistance to figure out the underlying issue, unless it is one of those obvious ones.

    Changed quite a few things to IMDb+ recently to keep it functional so might be able to simply copy those over as it is often a RegExp that fails.

    IMDb+ wiki entry with info on what I need @ RoChess/IMDbPlus and obviously skip the IMDb+ config section.


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  • June 2, 2011
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    Can you at least give me scraper-debug enabled log files, and HTML source of all the respective web resources it relies on?
    I will give you scraper-debug enabled log files (hope I'm able to ;):whistle:) sorry but I don't know what "HTML source of all the respective web resources it relies on" is/means o_O:notworthy::unsure::ROFLMAO:


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