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March 10, 2007
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Download this crack from here:
- go to "Update" folder
- run "crack_inf.bat"
- run "update.exe" and very quickly run copy_inf.bat
- then, when it asks you for new devices drivers, manually search in "sp2qfe\ic". It will ask you for a lot of them...

good luck!


ESPAÑOL - Como instalar el teclado MCE en un Windows XP Pro en español o en cualquier idioma distinto del ingles...

Vete al directorio update y haz lo siguiente:
- ejecuta el crack_inf.bat (para que se crea que tienes Win en ingles)
- ejecuta update.exe e inmediatamente muy rápido ejecuta el copy_inf.bat para que no te de el mensaje de que no puede comprobar la autenticidad o algo asi...
- sigue los siguientes pasos...
- al final detecta nuevos dispositivos y le tienes que decir que los busque manualmente del directorio "sp2qfe\ic"

Suerte... yo me he llevado varias horas hasta que he encontrado este crack!


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October 4, 2006
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installed it using information over, thanks for that :)
But then nothing happens.
I don't know where to install my MS remote keyboard drivers manually.
I use the infrared on my Hauppauge tv card. I guess i can use that right?
That i don't need to buy a Ir controller.


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December 14, 2006
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Thanks to the advice in this thread I have just installed the Keyboard rollup on XP Pro and my IR Media centre keyboard/mouse works fine now except.........
When the volume down button is used it reduces the volume to zero and the volume up key will not bring it back. I have to exit to windows and use the Soundmax volume control to bring the volune back up.

Anyone else had this problem or know of a fix?

Best regards


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December 14, 2006
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Thanks for the response PD.

The + key and F10 both increase the volume as they should.

Tried reprograming the Volume + key (it is a learning key) and hey presto it works. Guess someone had played with keyboard, probably why it was cheap!!


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January 15, 2007
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Hi I'm usin Win XP Prp SP2. But the Rollup deosn,t run because it asks for MCE. Does this only work for MCE or is there a way to get it to work with XP Pro


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January 15, 2007
UK - Cheltenham
New Zealand New Zealand
Nebula, thanks for the fast response, however sadly I'm still having problems. I downloaded the rollup file you suggested and it did run OK. I think the issue could be tied up with the type of Remote I'm using. It is an MCE compatible unit from Gyration model GYR3101US. It has a USB dingle and communicates via RF. It also has IR for up to 3 other divices. I plug the donle in and it is recognised OK. Most of the standard keys work (Up Dn, L, R, Enter Pwr, Play etc) however keys like My Tv etc don't function. To get these to work I had to tick Use MCE Remote and Use HID Remote in the MP Setup. I'v tried reverting to MP and using the MCE Replacement plugin (as it doesn't work in MP RC1) but I can't get it to Learn any keys. It fails each time. Any ideas what I can do from here ?


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September 19, 2006
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I just want to add to this discussion that there might still be problems if you have an OEM-manufactured MCE remote or keyboard (in my case an OEM-remote from HP). I have no MCE and can not use the latest pack since it is not available in swedish).

I finally (after a lot of testing) managed to solve this issue also. I edited the irbus.inf files that I downloaded form the MediaPortal sites link and copied a row in the MicrodsoftHW section and chanched the VID (Vendor ID) and PID (Product ID) to the ones found in the Device Manager (under properties->details->"Device Instance ID") for the not installed HW (the one with the yellow exclamation mark - "!").

After this I upgraded the driver and pointed on my edited inf-file and it worked. The reason it works is that the MCE remotes and keyboards have the same HW specification, but are produced under by different vendors under different names. Therefor Microsoft need to add all these identities to their installation and if they are not in the inf-file of an available driver kit (in my case it wasn't due to language incompatabilities) it can neither be identified nor installed...

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